Like Kim Sang-soo and Park Byeong-ho… “You’re still too young to say it’s over.”

You’re too young to say ‘it’s over’.”

This season, Kim Sang-soo (33, KT Wiz) is having a better start than ever. 12 games batting average 0.286 8 RBI. He plays the role of an attacking spearhead in the lower lineup and leads the KT lineup. 

It is the first time in four years since 2020 that Kim Sang-soo showed good form from the beginning of the season. In 2021 and 2022, he batted just under .24 from the start. He missed half of the season last season due to an injury. It was evaluated that he naturally entered the ‘aging curve (a phenomenon that leads to a decrease in athletic ability when a certain age is reached)’ due to sluggish batting and injuries that continued for two years. 

However, after transferring to KT, Kim Sang-soo changed. The comfortable position of being the youngest infielder in the firm position of shortstop, and the trust of manager Lee Kang-cheol and coaches who said, “Do whatever you want comfortably,” brought Kim Sang-soo back to life. He also thanked the coaches for their trust, saying, “I was able to focus on my play.” 

However, he does not settle for the club’s consideration. As Kim Sang-soo is a free agent (FA), he has a sense of responsibility to live up to expectations. Kim Sang-soo said,토스카지노 “I feel that the manager and coaches really want me. It seems that the sense of responsibility that comes from such expectations comes from the baseball field. I think I have to work harder.” The comfortable care of the coaches and the sense of responsibility of Kim Sang-soo create a synergistic effect, leading to the revival of Kim Sang-soo. 

It was the same as Park Byung-ho last year. Park Byung-ho also struggled with the perception of the aging curve in recent years. However, after wearing the KT uniform last year, it changed dramatically. The care and trust of the manager and coaches made Park Byeong-ho feel at ease, and he revived last year by becoming the home run king (35). Like Byeong-ho Park last year, Sang-soo Kim is breaking his stigma at KT and is flapping his wings for resurrection. 

Kim Sang-soo is well aware of the aging curve controversy surrounding him. He said, “I want to erase the aging curve. He said, “I want to show that he is still competitive enough.” 

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