Morant with a gun again, less than 3 months have passed… High possibility of heavy punishment

Ja Morant’s team activities will be suspended until the NBA investigation is over.

The Memphis Grizzlies said on the 15th (Korean time), “I know of a social media video related to Morant. All team activities will be suspended until the league review is over.”

On the 14th, Morant also exposed a scene holding a gun through an acquaintance’s live broadcast on social media. An acquaintance turned the camera, but 111 viewers were watching it at the time, and the scene was captured and spread.

“We are aware of social media posts related to Morant and are gathering more information,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said.

In March, Morant pulled out a pocket pistol with his left hand while rapping shirtless at a club, a scene that went viral on social media. Regarding this, Morant reflected, saying, “I will take responsibility for inappropriate behavior.” I was given a disciplinary suspension for 8 games along with psychological counseling, but this incident made the appearance of self-reflection in vain.토스카지노

This is the second time in 2023 that Morant has been investigated for gun-related issues, including this case. As a result, Morant is more likely to receive a long-term suspension. Locally, it is being mentioned that he may not be able to play more than half of the season. Difficulties mount in Memphis’ offseason.

Chandler Parsons, a senior on the team, even suggested suspending Morant for the next season.

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