‘Museung’ left alone… Suwon, all you need is ‘one win’

The only team that failed to win in the K-League 1 was Suwon Samsung.

Suwon Samsung will face Daegu FC in the 10th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 30th. Currently, Suwon is at the bottom of the league with 2 points, and Daegu is 8th with 10 points.

Even in the last round, the team without a win in the K-League 1 was ‘Yui’. Gangwon FC and Suwon continued to be sluggish, failing to win for 8 games since the opening. However, Gangwon succeeded in capturing the first league victory of the season in the match against FC Seoul held at home on the 26th, and now Suwon is the only one left.

It’s not that Suwon didn’t have a chance to win. Against Gangwon on the 2nd, Basani took the lead, but in the second half Kim Jin-ho allowed an equalizer and ended in a draw. In the match against Jeju United on the 15th, Basani also scored the first goal, but lost as Yuri Jonatan and Hays conceded a total of 3 runs.

Coach Lee Byeong-geun was sacked after the defeat in Jeju, but there were no major changes in the super match against Seoul and the Pohang Steelers expedition. Suwon was completely beaten by Seoul, losing 1-3 in their rivalry, and became part of Pohang’s undefeated record in Pohang.

All Suwon needs is one win. Currently, Suwon is in a state of decline due to the record of 9 consecutive games without a win and the recent 4 consecutive losses. A sense of defeat, once established, is hard to go away. If you succeed only in the first victory of the season, you will have the power to raise the atmosphere afterwards.먹튀검증

The Daegu match is an opportunity. Daegu is showing a jagged appearance with 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses in the last 5 matches. In addition, Sejingya, who accounts for a significant part of the team’s power, was injured in the last match against Suwon FC, and it is unclear whether he will participate in the 10th round. The departure of the ace of the enemy team comes as an opportunity. It is up to Suwon to come up with a way to attack a team that lacks an ace.

In addition, the match against Daegu will be held at Suwon World Cup Stadium, the home of Suwon. Suwon will be able to win in front of the home fans and repay the fans who continue to support them even after 9 games without a win.

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