“My husband took 20 million won to buy stocks”… Wife ‘mental breakdown’ [Park Eui-myung’s fire ant rescue

“My husband took 20 million won, saying he would give me a 10% profit within a month. I heard he was buying Naver stock, would it be okay?” There is an analysis that ‘Kim Sae-ron ( K-sell on )’ , a chronic phenomenon in the stock market, has appeared.

On the 4th, Naver announced that its operating profit for the second quarter was KRW 372.7 billion, up 10.9% from the same period last year. This is a surprise performance스포츠토토 that exceeds the average estimate of securities firms (368.4 billion won).

Immediately after the earnings announcement, the stock price soared more than 5% during the intraday. However, after 30 minutes, it gave up all the gains and finished trading with a 0.22% increase compared to the previous trading day.

In the stock industry’s kakaotalk room, the sound that ‘he’ appeared on the mound came out simultaneously. Korea’s unique cell-on phenomenon, in which stock prices decline when good news comes out, has appeared.

Cell-on is not a problem unique to Naver. The ants have experienced countless times when stock prices plummeted the moment good news came out. This is why Cellon is said to be the ‘national rule’ of the Korean stock market.

This is in contrast to the US, which reflects performance as it is. In the United States, it is common to see that the stock price falls by tens of percent on the day when ‘Earning Shock’ comes out, and in the opposite case, it shoots a long bee.

The ants are arguing that this may be because the company’s insider information flows to institutional investors first. Institutions listen to information in advance and accumulate stocks.

In the United States, it is difficult to obtain information even when powerful institutions such as pension funds and mutual aid associations visit. A pension fund official said, “I visited a US company, but I was taken aback when they did not comment on performance.”

One fund manager said, “Is it normal for stock prices to drop on the day of surprise results? Industry players describe the Korean stock market as ‘dignified’.”

Her husband, who borrowed 20 million won from his wife A, may also have heard the information from someone. However, it seems that he did not know the national rule of the Korean stock market, ‘buy on rumors and sell on news’.

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