My husband who went on a filial piety trip with his parents-in-law… Even an adulterous woman in the place? ‘Shock’

The story of a woman who is contemplating divorce after discovering스포츠토토 her husband who took an adulterous woman on a filial piety trip with her parents-in-law was revealed.

On the 23rd, YTN Radio ‘Attorney In-seop Cho’s Counseling Center’ reported the story of a woman, A, who is contemplating divorce due to her husband’s affair.

Mr. A, who revealed that she was her full-time housewife in the 10th year of her marriage, she has two daughters, ages 7 and 3, and a husband 4 years younger, she said. She added that her parents-in-law disapproved of Mr. A because she was older than her husband. Whenever she had to do her chores on holidays, her parents-in-law would only let her sister-in-law do the work instead of giving her sister-in-law a break.

According to her story, A’s husband told her one day that she wanted to go on a filial piety trip with her parents on her holiday. She meant to be considerate of Mr. A, who was going through a hard time, and only her parents and the three of her would go. She explained that Mr. A felt grateful to her husband for taking care of her, and he readily agreed to her trip, she explained.

A few months later, she accidentally found out about her husband’s affair. While her husband was away in her bathroom, she witnessed her unfamiliar name appearing on her husband’s cell phone. In the photo album on her cell phone, which she checked in case, there were photos of her husband and adulterer taking a friendly look with her parents-in-law while traveling.

Upon learning of her husband’s affair, Mr. A said, “I shudder at her sense of betrayal.” She said that Mr. A was contemplating her divorce.

Mr. A asked for advice on whether she could claim alimony from her husband, adulterous woman, and even her parents-in-law over the divorce. In addition, Mr. A, who quit the company after giving birth and became a full-time housewife, was also asked whether career interruption had a disadvantage in determining parental rights and child custody.

Attorney Lee Kyung-ha, who heard the story, first advised her that she could claim alimony from her adulterous daughter and her parents-in-law. Attorney Lee said, “In principle, alimony must be claimed against the spouse responsible for the breakdown of marriage,” but “exceptionally, if a third party is responsible for the breakdown of marriage, alimony can also be claimed against the third party responsible.” there is,” he explained.

“It is important to have evidence that can prove that there was an affair between the husband and the adulterer and that the parents-in-law encouraged or encouraged such an affair,” the lawyer said. It is explained that the photos that Mr. A found on her husband’s mobile phone, text messages containing expressions that would be shared between lovers, and messengers can all serve as evidence.

In addition, regarding parental rights and custody of children, Lee replied that it is difficult to see that a career break alone is disadvantageous in parental rights and custody. Rather, she pointed out that the fact that her career was cut off to raise her children could work in favor of the lawsuit. Attorney Lee said, “There is also an economic factor in the criteria for determining parental rights and custody,” but “more important than that is who has been mainly raising children and who has a well-established attachment relationship with the children.”

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