Na Kyung-won, mother of a disabled daughter, “I understand both Ho-min Joo and the teacher… the problem is”

Na Gyeong-won, a former Congressman of People’s Power, who has메이저놀이터 a daughter with Down syndrome, emphasized the improvement of the educational environment, saying, “I can understand both sides” in relation to the case of special teacher complaints by Webtoon writer Joo Ho-min.

Former lawmaker Na posted on Facebook on the 2nd, saying, “The Seoi-cho incident unconditionally confronted teacher rights and student rights, and the debate heated up. No,” he said.

Former Congressman Na said, “The conclusion is that both sides can understand it.” The important thing is that time and effort are required to fully understand and trust each other, but with the current system, the number of students per special teacher is 4, which is absurdly high.”

As a solution to the problem, it was proposed to increase the number of special teachers and to expand training related to special education for general teachers. Former lawmaker Na pointed out, “The reason we need to increase the number of special teachers is because each student with a disability has very different characteristics.”

“If the environment is uncomfortable, bad traits are more likely to be expressed than good traits. It is no different for non-disabled people, but it means that students with disabilities can be more sensitive to the environment,” he explained. “It is important to create a sufficiently good educational environment, and the starting point will be the number of students per teacher and support from assistant teachers.” .

Na also said, “Expanding special education training for general teachers is an absolutely necessary condition for truly integrated education for students with disabilities.” said.

She then recounted an anecdote from her daughter’s elementary school days. “When I was in slippers,” he says, “my daughter always said, ‘It bothers me when the kids try to change my sneakers.’ My child waited for the sneakers to be changed and wanted a friend to talk to while walking to the school gate, but the friends said they would help, changed the sneakers and ran away,” he said.

Former lawmaker Na concluded the article by saying, “I am thinking about improving the system, hoping that the current conflict will become an expected pain for a better advanced society.”

Previously, Joo Ho-min sued an elementary school special teacher who taught his developmentally disabled son in September of last year for child abuse. Special teacher A is suspected of making inappropriate remarks after Joo Ho-min’s son, B, was separated from the integrated class for taking off his pants in front of a female classmate.

Mr. A was removed from his position for that incident, but was reinstated on the 1st by the decision of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education. At first, Ho-min Joo was known to have expressed his intention to ‘punish the teacher’ at the trial, but on the 2nd, Ho-min Joo announced on his YouTube channel that he would “submit a petition seeking leniency for the special education teacher.”

Joo Ho-min said that he first saw the position of the opposing teacher, Mr. A, through media reports. ”he said. After the incident, he said, “I regret it painfully” for not interviewing the teacher and immediately suing.

In particular, he explained that he sent the tape recorder to the child, saying, “I have seen reports of abuse cases that have been exposed through recording in the past, so I did not think at the time that this was something to be criticized.”

At the same time, he called for reforms to the system. Ho-min Joo insisted, “At the time, the only option left to us was that we could be separated from the teacher by filing a complaint for abuse,” and “we made the choice to use it in a system designed to encourage reporting.”

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