Napoli 6 matches 6 losses + Lazio 6 matches 6 wins? Serie A is not goal difference/win-win

 In Serie A, if the points are the same, who will be the champion?

Italian media ‘Arena Napoli’ summarized what would happen if SSC Napoli and SS Lazio were equal on points at the end of the season on the 2nd (Korean time).

With only six games left until the end of the season, Napoli is currently leading the league with 79 points (25 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses). With 61 points (18 wins, 7 draws, 7 losses), Lazio is in second place, just behind Napoli.

Regardless of the result of the Lazio match, Napoli will be confirmed on the spot if it does not lose in the 2022/23 season Serie A round 33 away game to Udinese, which will be held on the 5th.

A draw against Udinese will bring Napoli to 80 points. Even if Lazio wins the remaining six games, the maximum victory point is 79 points, so the owner of the 2022/23 season Serie A champion will be decided by Napoli.

Or even if Lazio, who plays a day earlier than Napoli, fails to win against Sassuolo in the 33rd round of the league on the 4th, Napoli wins. Watching TV before Udinese match and become Serie A champion.

But for Naples, you can’t help but think of the worst. The media also hypothesized that Lazio won all of the remaining six games, while Napoli lost all of the remaining games, so both teams tied at 79 points.

In general, if the points are tied, the ranking is determined by the difference in points or the opponent’s record (win-win), but in Serie A, when it is necessary to decide the winning team, a ‘champion match’ is held.

The media explained, “If Napoli and Lazio are tied on points at the top, the two teams will proceed to the ‘Scudetto Playoff’ to determine the Serie A champion.”

He added, “However, to do this, Napoli can’t get a single point from the remaining six games, and Lazio has to win all, so the 2022/23 Serie A champion is in Napoli’s hands.”먹튀검증

Napoli can decide the championship according to the results of the Lazio match, but Lazio cannot win the championship on its own even if it wins the remaining matches. It’s hard to imagine a case where we don’t even get a point from 6 games. A Napoli win is considered a fait accompli.

Napoli could have confirmed the championship early if it had won the match against Salernitana in the 32nd round of the league held at the home stadium on the 30th of last month, but the winning party was postponed with a 1-1 draw.

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