“No loss? The scoreless score is more unfortunate.” Even Lee Jeong-hyeop was sent out, but ‘4 consecutive 0 goals’ is a complicated eagle

“It is more regretful not to score a goal than to enjoy a goalless goal.”

The upset heart was palpable. 4 games in a row ‘scoreless’, and ‘draw’.

Gangwon FC coach Choi Yong-soo said, “I tried to get good results in front of the home fans, but it was not enough” said.

Gangwon had fallen into a swamp of three consecutive losses before, but had to be content with getting one point on this day. It is the first scoreless goal in six games since the match against Gwangju FC on the 23rd of last month (0-0 draw). However, coach Choi said, “It seems that the defense, including Yoo Sang-hoon, passed the opponent’s decisive opportunity well. However, it was passive with the game operation not smooth in the first half. It takes confidence to do it boldly. I tried to make a change through substitution in the second half, but it seems more unfortunate than a goalless score.”

He said, “I tried to use the opponent’s space by putting Gallego and Kim Dae-won in the second half, but soccer is eventually finished. He showed immaturity in many situations.”먹튀검증

Regarding Lee Jeong-hyeop, a native goalkeeper who was included in the list for the first time in three months and played as a substitute in the second half of the day, he said, “I put in about 15 minutes, but I have an advantage in the air supply and I like to play in conjunction with players around me.” We are trying to increase the playing time,” he emphasized.

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