Not ‘poverty in abundance’, but just ‘poverty’? Adjusting the bullpen from the start of Hanwha… Should I even look at Seosan Card

You can’t win all games. Even the top team loses 50 times in a season. Still, there are games that can be lost and games that cannot be lost. This season, three series were played including the opening series. This is the story of Hanwha, which is losing in a game that should not be lost.

The process is not as good as the result. 1 win and 6 losses in the first 7 games of the season. However, more than half of the six losses, or four, were come-from-behind losses. They allowed a reversal in vain and gave up the game after a close fight. The power of the batting line is better than last year, but the defense and bullpen are still problems.

Especially the bullpen. The bullpen ERA of 2.54 shown in the demonstration game has disappeared. Bullpen ERA 4.50 in 7 games since opening. The bullpen has never kept the lead except for the Daegu Samsung game on the 6th, when they won their first win of the season thanks to Mun Dong-joo’s good pitching and the power of the batting line that exploded from the beginning. When it comes to close combat situations, Pilseungjo is shaken.

A nightmare resembling the opening game of Gocheok, where the team lost after getting a hit in the 10th inning of overtime, repeats itself. The first two games of the home opening series, Daejeon SSG on the 7th and 8th, also failed to keep the lead at the end of the regular inning, and the bullpen completely collapsed in the 10th inning, losing the victory.

It is the exact opposite of the blueprint drawn from Stove League. Last winter, in order to upgrade the depth of the mound, he signed free agent contracts with Lee Tae-yang and Jang Si-hwan, and brought in Han Seung-hyuk by using big gun prospect Byun Woo-hyuk as a trade card. They planned to protect baseball by placing all types of pitchers, including four right-handed pitchers, including Yun San-heum, and left-handed pitchers Kim Bum-soo, Jung Woo-ram, and sidearm Kang Jae-min, in the winning group. He cruised until the demonstration game and looked at the reversal with a strong bullpen at the fore.

However, the exhibition game is different from the regular season in many ways. As the focus is on preparing for the season, not on winning or losing, a variety of players stand on the ground. In the latter half of the game, there are many cases where backups, rookies, or second-team players stand at bat. In other words, hold and save in the exhibition game do not mean much. Rather than the result, the pitcher’s condition and pitches on the mound should be weighed to determine the position for the regular season.

Hanwha has failed in this area. In 13 demonstration games, Jang Si-hwan was chosen as the closer, but after the first 5 games of the regular season, the closer was replaced by Kim Bum-soo. On the 8th, ahead of the match against SSG in Daejeon, left-handed pitcher Kim Ki-joong was promoted to the first team, and Kim Bum-soo decided to step up as a finishing pitcher.

This is what I saw a lot of last year. Hanwha has virtually blocked the closer since 2021, when Jung Woo-ram began to come down as a finishing pitcher. Kang Jae-min, Kim Bum-soo, Jang Si-hwan, etc. took turns in charge of the 9th episode, but as shown in this season, there was no clear answer. There are many pitchers, Seung-jo Pil, but the ‘poverty amidst abundance’ without a clear card has been repeated.

It doesn’t make any sense to just gloss over the surface. If you can’t keep the lead and loses pile up, you can’t call it a ‘pilseung group’. If ‘poverty in abundance’ continues, it just becomes ‘poverty’.

The most ideal situation right now is for Kim Bum-soo to stably guard the back door, unlike the past two years. Kim Beom-soo only recorded 2 saves in his career, but in the beginning of this season, 4 consecutive games were scoreless and he did not walk.

If even Kim Bum-soo collapses, he must set his sights on Seosan. We planned to give Park Sang-won, who was injured during the camp, enough time to prepare, but if the trend continues, we will have no choice but to be impatient.

In addition, if you look at the restraint alone,메이저놀이터 your gaze will inevitably be directed to Kim Seo-hyun, the best among the middle pitchers. The Hanwha team is encouraging Kim Seo-hyun to balance pitching and acquire a clear breaking ball. In the second group, the number of innings and the number of pitches are increased, and they are trying to improve their skills through actual battles. He is the best prospect, so he tries to make his debut in the first team when his perfection is higher, rather than rushing to the first team stage.

However, if group 1 is shaken, group 2 is also affected. Even the ambitious plans are bound to be shaken. So group 1 is important. If the reconstruction of Pil Seung-jo, centered on Kim Bum-soo, does not succeed, he must send a relief signal to Seosan. The Kim Seohyun project may also stumble.

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