Number 1 is Phonpun? Reina Tokoku? The first Asian Quarter tryout will be held after the launch, the choice of the 7 teams

Who is the player to be selected by the 7th team?

On April 21, 2023, the Asian Quarter Tryout will be held for the first time since the launch of the V-League in 2005. At 2 p.m. on the 21st, the Asian Quarter tryout for the women’s division will be held non-face-to-face at the Grand Ballroom of the Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Unlike the men’s division, which will be held face-to-face in Jeju Island from the 25th to the 27th, the women’s division will be held non-face-to-face in consideration of players who are difficult to participate due to national team or club schedules.

A total of 24 players submitted applications for this tryout. By country, Thailand has the most with eight. There are 6 Filipinos, 3 each from Japan and Indonesia, and 2 each from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

By position, there were 11 strikers (OP, OH), 5 middle blockers, 3 liberos and 5 setters, respectively.

There are some standout players in this tryout.

The first player to catch your eye is Phonpun Gedpard, a setter from Thailand who is familiar to Korean fans as well. Fontun, who currently plays for Rapid Bucharest in Romania, is 173cm tall and knows how to throw a fast and low toss. Last year, Korea lost 0-3 to Thailand in the 2023 VNL, and the player who led Thailand at the time was Phonpun. He is also the current national team captain of Thailand.

Everyone acknowledges his skill, but it’s not without problems. The setter is a position that requires more hands than any other position. Breathing with the strikers is important, and Ponpun’s future schedule is very tight. From the upcoming 2023 VNL to the Asian Games in October, he is likely to play for the Thai national team. In a situation where there are pros and cons, I am looking forward to who will take Ponpun.

In addition, Soraya Pomra from Thailand also has a career in the national team and is receiving a good evaluation in the sub. However, there is a reputation that the form itself is inferior to Phonpun. Another setter player is Julia Morado, who is active as a setter for the Philippine national team.

Let’s take a look at the striker. Reina Tokoku from Japan. This player is of mixed Ghanaian-Japanese descent. He played in the Finnish League in the 2022–23 season. This player is said to have good elasticity unique to black people. He was also named the BEST outside hitter at the 2016 Asian U19 Championships. He can also double as an apogee spiker.

Indonesia’s Megawatti Puttiwi, who stands on the court wearing a hijab, could also be a good candidate. This player is currently playing in his home country’s Indonesian league, but recently, two or three years ago, he experienced the Thai and Hong Kong leagues. His Asian league experience is sufficient. He is 185 cm tall, which is not bad.

Born in 2000 in the Japanese league, Apogee Spiker Tanacha from Thailand is the 2021-22 Thai League Sub King and has won the BEST Outsight Hitter award at the 2018 Asia U19 Championships. Aleona Manabat, an apositive spiker from the Philippines who has made remarkable achievements in the Philippine League, can also be a good candidate, but rumors are circulating that he has signed a contract with another team in the Philippine League, so we need to look at the situation.메이저사이트

Player salaries are $100,000 for both men and women. As this is the first ever Asian Quarter Tryout, the odds of all marbles are the same. Also, there is no problem if the club gives up on the Asian Quarter nomination. It’s not against the rules. However, as there is no current player pool, and there are several skills that are superior to domestic players, the possibility of that seems slim.

Each club selects candidates to some extent and goes to the draft site. Which player will be selected by the 7th team?

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