“O’Grady suffered a lot in Korea… Smith also sent” What is the future prospect of the US media?

 Expectations were raised as a player who would add long hits to the team, but the results did not work out as intended. Brian O’Grady (31) failed to show his strength and tasted the misfortune of being kicked out. The American media also shed light on O’Grady’s classics.

On May 31, Hanwha officially announced O’Grady’s waiver announcement. O’Grady, who had expected to sign a contract with Hanwha ahead of this season and take on the key role of the team’s leading batting team, was eventually dismissed after failing to show his skills.

Although there was power, contact was not made properly, and a typical vicious cycle continued in which the player’s impatience increased amid the falling batting average. He went down to the 2nd division and went through a period of adjustment, but Baekyak was invalid. O’Grady left Korea with his worst record of 0.125 batting average, 0 home runs, 8 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.337 in 22 games this season.

‘Major League Trade Rumors’ (hereinafter referred to as MLTR), which delivers news on the major league transfer market, reported the news of O’Grady’s release on the 2nd (Korean time) and said, ‘O’Grady signed a contract with Hanwha last winter, but suffered tremendously in limited work. did. O’Grady struck out 40 while getting five walks in 86 at-bats, ‘he said,’ while ‘he had just three extra-base hits (all doubles). Hanwha did not have time to give O’Grady a longer fate,’ he analyzed.

In reality, O’Grady struck out too many times. Although the sample is not large, it was not easy to find a player with a higher strikeout rate than O’Grady in the history of the KBO League. Once the batted ball is in play, O’Grady’s strength, his strength, can be revived, but since he can’t hit the ball, everything goes wrong. Initially, Hanwha also did not see Oh Grady as a player with a very high batting average, but he was more serious when he opened the lid.

MLTR evaluated that O’Grady played three seasons in the major leagues, failed in the major leagues, but performed well in the minor leagues. MLTR said, ‘O’Grady is now a free agent. “Given his numbers in the KBO League, he will definitely be offered a minor league contract. He added, however, that he has a strong enough minor league record to potentially attract teams looking for left-handed depth.

If you think you have failed to adapt in Korea, it means that there may be major league teams that give you another chance with a minor league contract. In fact, there are cases where they failed in Korea, but prepared a stepping stone for a leap forward in the minor leagues.

MLTR said, “Hanwha sent Birch Smith last April and made a change in the pitching staff by recruiting Ricardo Sanchez.” Smith, who was expected to be the team’s foreign ace, was kicked out after throwing only one game due to an injury.스포츠토토

Meanwhile, Hanwha is looking for a foreign hitter to replace O’Grady. It is known that the list-up is largely complete. Usually, in the industry, “waiver announcement means that an alternative foreign player contract is imminent.” Hanwha is simultaneously confirming its distinct potential and strengths on the mound this season, and it is evaluated that it is worth betting on a game to jump to the middle ranks beyond the mid- to late-season finish if the batting line is supplemented.

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