One voice of the director, captain, and vice-captain… Suwon finds hope in defeat

There are teams that collapse when a crisis hits, and there are teams that come together on the contrary. Now, Suwon Samsung is getting closer to the latter.

Suwon suffered a 2-3 defeat to Ulsan Hyundai in the 14th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 6:00 pm on the 21st. Suwon, who did not win points, remained at the bottom of the league.

It was a disappointing match for Suwon. Although Ulsan led the game, Suwon repeated the pursuit after conceding a goal. After conceding a goal to Rubikson in the 6th minute of the first half, Ahn Byung-Jun’s equalizer followed. However, after Martin Adam’s penalty kick that came out at the end of the second half, they failed to pursue and eventually lost 2-3.

Even in defeat, Suwon found hope. Although they lost the game, unlike before, when they collapsed easily after conceding, in this game, Suwon showed a way to follow to the end even against Ulsan, the league leader.

Here was the effort of Suwon players who played earnestly until the end of the game. Ulsan continued to attack, but Suwon’s players defended against Ulsan’s attacks. 20-year-old Lee Sang-min, who was awarded a penalty kick for committing a last-minute foul, knelt down next to the bench and wept after the replacement. Lee Sang-min’s tears did not stop even after the game was over. They were all expressions of desperation.

Unlike Jeonbuk Hyundai, which was helplessly defeated 0-3, coach Kim Byung-soo said at a press conference after this game, “I saw the players’ efforts regardless of the results, and I was resonated with by the players. Although the result was lost, the players were eager to do something. “The results are disappointing, but I found positive elements in the players.”

There is also a solidarity within the team. After the game, Suwon’s captain Lee Ki-je said, “It was a little intimidating because we allowed a quick run in the beginning, but unlike before, the players came together and quickly scored an equalizer, and we were able to play in a good mood. I think we lost unfortunately. I believe that I can go up to the mid-level. The team atmosphere is not bad, and I think I can rise enough because I have the will to do it.”

“I think we were able to unite because the players all season were aware of this because the players talked about staying together, and the coach also gave us a lot of good words. I found hope in the way he was trying to follow.”

Players testify that the power of coach Kim Byung-soo’s ‘mental coaching’ was great. Vice-captain Koh Seung-beom as well as captain Lee Ki-je said, “Coach Kim Byung-soo emphasizes the mental aspect of the players during training and pays a lot of attention to managing the players’ mentality.”

Koh Seung-bum said,안전놀이터 “The mentality is also important in soccer, and the coach emphasizes those parts a lot. The coach talks a lot about parts outside of soccer, and he talks about ‘studying the mind.’ The word to stay neutral touched me very much. It seems that the ups and downs are reduced, and it seems to affect soccer. I am learning a lot from the coach in many ways, “he said, coaching by coach Kim Byung-soo was helpful.

Lee Ki-je also said, “Besides football, the coach talks a lot to awaken the players’ spirits. I think those parts help the players a lot,” and said that coach Kim Byung-soo’s guidance, which emphasized the mental part, had an impact.

The more difficult a team is, the more important it is for the whole team to come together as one. In this respect, unlike the beginning of the season, Suwon’s desperate and mental strength can be said to be quite positive. What the changed Suwon needs is victory. Suwon will challenge for the third win of the season at Jeju United on the 27th.

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