‘Overwhelming rebound’ Dankook University defeated Chosun University for the first time in the season

Dankook University showed off its overwhelming performance and won its first win of the season.

Dankook University won the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League home game against Chosun University held at Dankook University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 27th, 95-67, 28 points away.

Dankook University broke away from two consecutive losses and reported its first win of the season. Na Seong-ho (18 points, 3 3-point shots, 7 rebounds) recorded the most points in the team, and Lee Kyung-do (16 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals) also played his part. Among the 12 players from Dankook University who were on the list, 11 scored goals, excluding Kwon Seong-byeol. In the rebound fight, he had an overwhelming advantage (41-21).

On the other hand, Chosun University fell into a three-game losing streak. Yoo Chang-seok (21 points, 5 assists, 2 steals) struggled, but realized the difference in power. It was regrettable that he committed 16 mistakes.

Dankook University started the game smoothly. Seong-ho Na hit a 3-point shot and took the lead with 12 points going back and forth. Dankook University allowed Choi In-seo to make a 3-point shot, but the first quarter ended 27-12 with an even score distribution, with 6 players scoring.

Dankook University continued the trend in the second quarter. Compared to the first quarter, the defense was shaken, but the firepower was maintained and the initiative was maintained. Lee Doo-ho led the team’s attack by scoring 7 points, including 1 3-point shot, and Lee Kyung-do also steadily accumulated points. The score was 46-32 at the end of the second quarter.

Dankook University showed overwhelming performance again in the third quarter and escaped from Chosun University’s pursuit. Choi Kang-min, who only scored 3 points in the first half, showed off his presence by driving in 8 points. Dankook University Lee Kyung-do also maintained the firepower he showed in the 2nd quarter, recording a score of 26-12 in the 3rd quarter and finishing the 3rd quarter with a score of 72-44.

Dankook University, which seized the victory early,온라인카지노 did not let go of the reins even in the 4th quarter. Even in the midst of evenly using bench members, Lee In-woo made 3-pointers in succession, breaking Chosun University’s will to pursue, which Yoo Chang-seok and Kim Hwan were struggling to do. Dankook University, who widened the gap to 33 points 3 minutes before the end of the game, won the first win of the season after managing the game without any crisis.

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