Parents complaining about the invalidity of the vice-president of the school… “It’s an unbelievable bubble”

# Teacher Rights Protection Committee held due to ‘Parent Violation of Teacher Rights’

On the 17th, a Teacher Rights Protection Committee was held at an elementary school in Seoul.
The affected party communicates with the principal. It was the parents, not the students, who did the infringement. The starting point was the election of the school children’s vice president. Parents started pouring out all kinds of complaints when their children were invalidated in the election last February. Over the past six months , more than 300 items have been filed for

7 police complaints and accusations, 8 administrative judgments, 24 national newspapers, and 29 information disclosure requests .
From nutritionist information unrelated to elections to road heating works, past personnel of the principal…

School work was virtually paralyzed as the administrative power that was supposed to be used for children was used in the wrong place.

# “It’s so biased and unbelievable”

On the day the Teacher Rights Protection Committee was held, I went to the school and met the parents.
When he revealed that he was a reporter, he showed a harsh reaction.

I also expressed dissatisfaction with an article that has already been reported once.

“I am so surprised that you are on the side of the Office of Education.”
“You’re suing me now. <Did you file it against me?>
Still, I’m going to calculate (calculate) anything and do it now. It’s too partial and unbelievable, unbelievable.”

Only the position of the school and the education office was reflected.

“It was a point of view from Only the school side.” (I only looked at it from the school’s point of view.)
“It was a media play, ‘shaping public opinion’.”

When the Committee for the Protection of Church Rights asked again how to explain, the answer came back, “Stop it!”

# Invalidity of election

Parents who voluntarily attended claimed that the school side unfairly canceled the election. what happened at the time?

On February 6, the parent’s child was elected vice president with the most votes, but six other candidates raised objections at once. It is said that it violated election regulations such as poster rules. The campus elections committee and the school management committee decided to invalidate the election and proposed the operation of a vacant vice-president position. It was because they were concerned about overheating the election.

The parents objected to this, and a re-election was held. The school메이저놀이터 side gave the student the right to vote again for educational reasons, even though the student violated the rules. After that, the parent’s child ran alone and was eventually elected vice president.

However, the parents reported to the police that the assistant principal had beaten the child and the principal had been emotionally abusive during the invalidation process. In fact, suddenly, five policemen came to the school. Fortunately, there was a recording of 2 minutes and 30 seconds at the time, proving that there was no assault. The police also admitted this and were acquitted.

And yet, parents still say their child was abused. Even though the child became the vice president of the entire school, which was the beginning of the problem, the situation did not end. A semester has already passed. Now the term of the vice chairman is over, but all kinds of complaints and complaints are currently underway.

# Administrative judgment again… Infringement of teacher rights proved during the meeting

Prior to the Teacher Rights Protection Committee, the parents filed another administrative judgment asking for the cancellation. I also put a complaint about the school to the National Human Rights Commission. They are not good at Korean, but they do not hire an interpreter, and the date of the Committee for the Protection of Teachers’ Rights overlaps with their vacation, but they do not change it.

The process itself was not easy. It was reported that the parents who attended even though it was not compulsory attendance acted recklessly. In the middle of the victim’s statement, it is known that he reluctantly entered, saying, “Finish it quickly, you’re busy, so let’s start with me.” It is said that the members, including the principal and vice principal, felt pressured. In the end, the meeting was delayed and ended after more than 3 hours.

The Committee for the Protection of Teaching Rights unanimously concluded that “serious infringement of teaching rights is correct.” They requested the Office of Education to file complaints against the parents for obstruction of justice, false accusation, and defamation.

# Overcrowding of complaints to the Office of Education, District Office, and Police

During the course of our coverage, we learned that parents had filed simultaneous complaints with other institutions besides the school. From the education office to the district office and several police stations. Most of the reporters were aware of the parents’ existence. If the processing is delayed after entering various reports or civil complaints, apply for avoidance by calling the person concerned a ‘corrupt public official’… Again, the act of putting in a complaint was repeated. Even so, everyone kicked their tongues, saying, “There is no way to stop it.”

The school side is now in a position that it has no choice but to wait for the education office to file a complaint on behalf of the parents. When will we be able to break the chain of this vicious complaint?

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