Parents who submit ‘experiential learning applications’… Support for the “49 Together” memorial service

The day to suspend public education, announced by teachers to commemorate the deceased Seoi Elementary School teacher, has arrived on Monday, but the atmosphere at the scene is still chaotic. An increasing number of parents are submitting experiential learning applications saying they support teachers and will not send their children to school on this day, while tensions between teachers and the Ministry of Education are growing.

This is reporter Bo-kyung Cho.


This is an application for off-campus experiential learning posted by a parent on a blog.

She says she is applying for experiential learning to participate in the 메이저놀이터‘Stop Public Education Day’.

She also said that she hoped that church authority would be properly established using this opportunity.

[Yeo Hyeon-joo/Parent: I thought it would be meaningless if it was just a day when children didn’t go to school. A 49th memorial service is being held in front of Seoicho. We decided to go there together… ]

Another parent shares how to apply for experiential learning.

[Gayoung Kim/Parent: I want to express myself more, but I thought this day was a very important day. I hope that others will also give some support… ]

However, some parents are concerned about gaps in care.

The Ministry of Education stopped schools from allowing discretionary closures on the 4th, leaving 30 schools officially closed.

However, it is expected that there will be many teachers taking annual leave, especially in the metropolitan area.

There were quite a few schools that sent home letters saying that normal classes would be difficult on this day.

[Mr. A/Elementary school teacher: The home newsletter was sent out in a hurry yesterday, but since it is difficult to carry out the normal educational process on this day, those who want to participate in home experiential learning should send it out. (Parents) said more than half of them supported it. In the case of our class, more than two-thirds… ]

In Busan, the conflict with teachers is growing as the Office of Education does not allow memorial gatherings within the Office of Education.

There is still confusion at the school regarding the method of commemoration on the 4th.

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