Park Bo-gyeom Debuts on the KLPGA Regular Tour in 2 Years

Park Bo-gyeom (25, Angang Construction) won her first victory in her 60th participation in the regular tour (1st division) of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA).

At the Valley (OUT) Lake (IN) course (par 72, 6565 yards) at Asiad Country Club in Gijang-gun, Busan, the 9th Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open was held from the 5th to the 7th with a total prize money of 800 million won.토스카지노

Park Bo-gyeom won the championship prize of 144 million won by beating the tied-second place group by three strokes with a final total of 7 under par, 137 strokes (69-68). The 9th Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open was reduced to two rounds due to rain.

Park Bo-gyeom, who debuted on the KLPGA Tour in the 2021 season, finally won the first division in the 2nd TOP5 and 4th TOP10 competitions.

Even if the range is expanded to all official games of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association, it was the first and last place to reach the top of the 11th round of the 2020 Dream Tour (2nd division) Muan CC All For You.

Park Bo-gyeom secured the KLPGA Tour seed right until the 2025 season thanks to winning the 9th Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open. As I participated in the 33rd place in the seed match this year, I got out of the situation where I was guaranteed to participate only in the first division competition held with 132 and 144 players.

The KLPGA Tour is divided into ▲108 ▲120 ▲132 ▲144 tournaments. Only the 16th, 26th, 36th, and 46th places in the seed match are guaranteed to participate. The 9th Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open was held with 132 players, and Park Bo-gyeom was also given the right to participate.

Park Bo-gyeom won her 9th Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open final round 16 hole (par 3, 153 yards) hole-in-one, driving momentum to the top. The hole-in-one product is Hastens Eala BJX Luxury luxury bed worth 50 million won.

▲2002 Lee Mi-na (7th SK Enclean Invitational Women’s Golf Tournament) ▲2005 Lee Gana (1st Roadland Cup Maekyung Women’s Open Golf Tournament) ▲2008 Shin Ji-ae (9th Hite Cup Women’s Professional Golf Championship) ▲2010 Following Ham Young-ae (Nefs Masterpiece), Kim Se-young (Hanwha Financial Classic) in 2013, and Ko Jin-young (6th KG Edaily Ladies Open) in 2016, she became the 7th player to achieve a hole-in-one and win in a single KLPGA tour.

Park Bo-gyeom won 397,717,000 won in prize money on the regular tour until the 9th Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open. The total prize money of the KLPGA, including the Dream Tour and Jump Tour (third division), is 474,620,53 won.

Below is the full text of the interview with Park Bo-gyeom, winner of the 9th Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open.

– How do you feel about winning?

▲ It’s an unexpected victory, so it’s surprising, but I’m really happy. It was a situation where I had to do the Dream Tour for the 2023 season, and I am really grateful that I can play comfortably from next week.

– The moment you thought you could win?

▲ At the beginning of play, I thought I was close to the lead. However, after the 16th hole, the number of galleries suddenly increased. I heard what the gallery people were saying and knew that I was at the forefront. I didn’t ask the score because I was afraid I would be nervous, but after I hit the 3rd shot of the last hole, I asked the caddy about the score.

– The best part of this competition?

▲ The feeling of the shot was very good. I was upset because my iron shot didn’t go well in last week’s tournament. I practiced a lot, focusing on iron shots, and the results of this week’s practice came out well.

– A hole-in-one situation?

▲ The wind blew across the slice. I used an 8 iron and it rolled in about 5m. While preparing for this tournament, he told his caddy that he was likely to record a hole-in-one soon because his trajectory and spin control were good. But I was really confused because I recorded a hole-in-one.

– You started playing golf in Saipan?

▲ I first encountered golf in Saipan when I was in my second year of middle school. He played golf in Saipan for about three months, and the pros who came to training camp suggested that he try to start a player. I also wanted to become a golf player, so I told my parents, and the whole family came to Korea and started playing golf in earnest.

– Focus on winter training?

▲ I went to Malaysia, and the part I lacked the most last season was the driver fairway hit rate. I practiced driver accuracy first, and also practiced a lot of mid- to long-distance putts.

– Did you have any difficulties playing on the regular tour the year before last or last year, and then paralleling the Dream Tour this year?

▲ There were no physical difficulties. When I couldn’t participate in the regular tour, I was able to maintain a sense of the game by playing on the Dream Tour, and I tried to think of every situation as positively as possible.

– What kind of turning point do you think winning will be?

▲ Now that I am no longer worried about Sid, I think I can play the game I wanted to play more boldly.

– How will you use the prize money?

▲ Mother’s Day is approaching, so I’m going to give my father and mother a gift. If you win, the unit price of the gift will go up.

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