Passers-by knew… Identity of 13-year-old girl trapped in car

CBS reported on the 21st (local time) that a 13-year-old girl in the United States was trapped in a kidnapper’s car and was rescued by asking for help from a passer-by holding a piece of paper with the words ‘Save me!’

According to CBS , on the 6th of this month바카라사이트, an unnamed 13-year-old girl was kidnapped by 61-year-old Stephen Robert Sablan at a bus stop in San Antonio, Texas.

A police investigation revealed that Sablan had pointed a gun at the 13-year-old girl and threatened to get into the car. After kidnapping the girl, Sablan uses his car to drive to California.

Police believe the victim was sexually assaulted several times in the process. Sablan’s crime was discovered on the 9th, after 3 days, in Long Beach, California.

Sablan locked the girl in the car, parked the car, and left the car for a while. At this time, the girl wrote ‘Help me’ on a piece of paper and called for help from passers-by through the window.

Passers-by who witnessed this scene immediately reported it to the police, and a police officer who was dispatched to the scene found the dptj victim in the car.

Police found Sablan washing clothes at a nearby laundromat and immediately arrested him.

Sablan was charged with kidnapping a child for the purpose of criminal sexual activity.

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