“People are drifting away” A man’s body was found as a waterway in Incheon Ara Waterway

A man in his 50s was found dead in the waterway of the Gyeongin카지노사이트 Ara Waterway in Incheon.

According to the Incheon West Fire Station on the 24th, a report was received that “people are drifting away” from the waterway of the Ara Waterway in Sicheon-dong, Seo-gu at 2:47 pm the previous day.

The fire department put in a rescue team to salvage the body of Mr. A (53) from Sicheon Bridge to Moksang Bridge on the Ara Waterway and hand it over to the police.

At the time of discovery, Mr. A was floating on the water in a prone position and had no breathing or pulse. The police plan to

request an autopsy of Mr. A’s body to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation and investigate the exact circumstances based on the closed-circuit ( CC ) TV at the site.

A police official said, “There has been no report of a missing person related to Mr. A.”

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