PGA Championship prize money increased to $17.5 million… The winner is 4.2 billion won ‘money thunderbolt’

The total prize money and prize money for the PGA Championship, the second major tournament in the men’s golf 2023 season, have been announced.

The PGA of America, which hosts the PGA Championship, announced on the 21st (Korean time) that the total prize money for this year’s tournament is 17.5 million dollars (approximately 23.24 billion won). It increased the prize money by $2.5 million from $15 million last year, and is $500,000 less than the Masters Tournament, the first major of the season. The winning prize is 3.15 million dollars (approximately 4.18 billion won).

The PGA Tour is hosting 11 tournaments with prize money of over $20 million this season, and major tournaments are steadily increasing their prize money in line with this. The US Open in June and the Open Championship in July have yet to announce prize money. LIV Golf, sponsored by Saudi Arabian capital, will hold 12 tournaments with a total prize pool of $25 million.

In 1916, when the PGA Championship was the first tournament, the total prize money was 2,580 dollars (about 3.42 million won), and the winning prize was 500 dollars (about 660,000 won). In 1931, 15 years later, the prize money was first increased with a total prize money of 7,200 dollars (approximately 9.56 million won) and a winning prize of 1,000 dollars (approximately 1.33 million won).

In 1958, the first year of stroke play, the total prize money was 39,388 dollars (about 52.33 million won), the winning prize was 5,500 dollars (about 7.31 million won), and in 1988, the total prize money became 1 million dollars (about 1.3 billion won) for the first time. The winning prize was 160,000 dollars (about 210 million won).

In 2000, 24 years later, the total prize money exceeded 5 million dollars (the winning prize was 900,000 dollars), and in 2003, more than 1 million dollars was given to the winner for the first time. The winning prize in 2003 was 1.08 million dollars (approximately 1.43 billion won), and the total prize money was 5,938,300 dollars (approximately 7.88 billion won).토토사이트

In the 20 years since then, the total prize money and winning prizes have nearly tripled.

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