Police forward singer Lee Sun-hee on charges of breach of trust… Corporate card useful

On the 19th, the National Police Agency’s Serious Crime Investigation메이저놀이터 Department sent singer Lee Seon-hee (59) and Kwon Jin-young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, Lee’s agency, to the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office without detention on charges of misappropriating company money.

According to the police, Mr. Lee is suspected of causing damage to the company (breach of trust) by using One Entertainment’s corporate card for personal purposes from 2011 to June of last year. One Entertainment has been headed by Lee since 2013, but was liquidated in June last year. Mr. Lee denied the charges during a police investigation last May.

CEO Kwon is accused of embezzling approximately 4 billion won in Hook Entertainment funds from 2012 to October of last year (embezzlement under the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes Act).

After confirming CEO Kwon’s suspicion of embezzlement, the police expanded the investigation to Mr. Lee’s alleged breach of trust. CEO Kwon was once listed as a director of One Entertainment.

The police applied for an arrest warrant for CEO Kwon last month, but it was dismissed by the court. At the time, the court ruled, “It is difficult to say that he was at risk of destroying evidence or running away.”

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