Power generator stopped at sea near Dokdo, passenger ship with 450 passengers and others… Safely arrived at Jeodong Port through Coast Guard safety management

A passenger ship carrying about 450 passengers, including passengers, had an accident in the northwestern sea of ​​Dokdo where a power generator stopped카지노사이트.

According to the Donghae Coast Guard on the 27th, at around 4:05 pm on the same day, a passenger ship A (634 tons, 449 passengers, 6 crew members) that departed from Dokdo and was sailing to Ulleungdo in the waters about 26 km northwest of Dokdo reported that two generators had stopped. has been received

The Coast Guard dispatched two nearby patrol vessels (Donghae 1513, Pohang Seo 306) and a coastal rescue boat from the Ulleung Police Box to the scene.

The patrol vessel confirmed the safety conditions such as the health of the passengers through communication with the passenger ship, and requested an information broadcast about the on-site situation.

Then, at 4:17 pm, 12 minutes after receiving the report, one of the two generators was self-repaired on the passenger ship.

The Donghae Coast Guard conducted safety management at close range until the passenger ship entered Jeodong Port on Ulleungdo, and safely entered Jeodong Port on Ulleungdo around 5:41 pm.

An official from the Donghae Coast Guard said, “The sudden accident must have surprised the passengers a lot,” and added, “We will do our best to ensure that the public can use the sea safely.”

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