President Yoon considers replacing four ministerial-level officials… Unification Minister Kim Yeong-ho and Industry Minister Bang Bang-kyu

While President Yoon Seok-yeol is expected to carry out a large-scale메이저놀이터 appointment of vice ministers this week, there is a possibility that “ministerial-level” personnel replacements such as the Korea Communications Commission, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, the Minister of Unification and the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy will also be made. weight is placed onAccording to the passport on the 26th, President Yoon is expected to start a personnel reorganization by replacing vice ministers in around 10 out of 19 government ministries on the 29th at the earliest. It is reported that ministerial-level ministers such as the Korea Communications Commission, the Rights and Interests Committee, the Minister of Unification and the Minister of Industry are also considering replacement.It is known that Young-ho Kim, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University, who is in charge of the Chairman of the Unification Future Planning Committee, an advisory body directly under the Minister of Unification, is likely to succeed Unification Minister Kwon Young-se. Known.The successor to Minister of Industry Lee Chang-yang is on the lookout for Bang Bang-gyu, head of the Office for Government Policy Coordination. Mr. Bang graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature at Seoul National University, entered the public service by taking the 28th public administration exam, and was a ‘economic expert’ who went through the second vice minister of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the president of the Export-Import Bank of Korea.In a phone call with News 1, a key official in the presidential office said, “There are cases where some (personnel targets) are added, and if there is a demand for personnel at the ministerial level or elsewhere, it can be included.”Along with the replacement of the minister, President Yoon is expected to announce a new candidate for the Korea Communications Commission and a nominee for the chairman of the Civil Rights Commission. Lee Dong-gwan, special advisor for foreign cooperation in the presidential office, was virtually appointed as the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, and Kim Hong-il, a lawyer at Sejong Law Firm (former chief prosecutor), is mentioned as the chairman of the rights and interests committee.It is also expected that personnel appointments at the level of presidential secretaries will be carried out in succession. It is known that President Yoon is finalizing a plan to deploy many of his secretaries who have a proper understanding of the current administration’s state affairs philosophy and policy as vice ministers in each ministry.

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