President Yoon’s ‘anti-national forces’ remarks in the controversy, the presidential office “It’s not aimed at the last government”

President Yoon Seok-yeol mentioned ‘anti-state forces’ in a public statement yesterday, and the opposition protested, and the president’s office said, “It was not aimed at the last government or specific political forces.”An official from the presidential office met with reporters at the presidential office in Yongsan this afternoon and said, “I think you said it generally.”In a congratulatory speech at the founding event of the Korea Freedom Federation yesterday, President Yoon said토토사이트, “The anti-state forces with a distorted sense of history and an irresponsible view of the state appealed for the lifting of UN Security Council sanctions against the North Korean communist group, which is advancing its nuclear armament, and disbanded the UNC.” I went around singing the declaration of the end of the war,” he said.In addition, opposition parties such as the Democratic Party criticized President Yoon for targeting the former Moon Jae-in government, which promoted the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, and defining it as an “anti-state force.”Regarding this, an official from the presidential office said, “The nuance of the president’s message will change depending on the time, place, and situation 

TPO .” Headded, “There were many people who attended yesterday’s group who had the idea of ​​saving our country from anti-security forces .”

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