Presidential Office “I didn’t say it because it wasn’t perforation”… Controversy over the existence of feng shui

In March of last year, in the process of selecting the presidential residence, criticism is being raised against the presidential office as it became known that the person who toured the official residence of the Army Chief of Staff was not Cheon Gong, a shaman, but Baek Jae-kwon, an adjunct professor at Cyber ​​Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, who was a feng shui scholar. At the time of the controversy, the presidential office strongly denied the theory of drilling involvement, but kept silent about the existence of adjunct professor Baek.Kwon Chil-seung, chief spokesman of the Democratic Party of Korea, said in a phone call with the Hankyoreh on the 23rd, “The President’s Office needs an official explanation as to why Adjunct Professor Baek went to the site.” Spokesman Park Seong-joon commented the day before, “It is outrageous to decide important state affairs issues with the advice of feng shui.”Earlier this year, when former Ministry of National Defense spokesman Boo Seung-chan referred to rumors of a visit to the office of the chief of staff of the Army through a book, the president’s office accused a reporter of a media company who reported his claim for defamation. However, at the time, the president’s office did not mention the existence of adjunct professor Baek despite the spread of controversy.Criticism came out even within the power of the people. On the 22nd, former CEO Lee Jun-seok posted카지노사이트 a post on Facebook when People’s Power made a comment saying, “Professor Baek is the highest authority in feng shui geography.” Representative Lee emphasized, “In the future, it is necessary to point out that such people should not be seen often in the field of state affairs.”The presidential office acknowledged the visit of adjunct professor Baek, but said that the decision to the presidential residence was not made according to his opinion. An official from the presidential office told the <Hankyoreh> on the 23rd, “Before the Blue House, TF had asked Adjunct Professor Paik (advice) to see (the official residence) from the perspective of traditional culture and feng shui geography, and it is true that he heard his opinion.” This official said, “I listened to many people’s opinions (on the selection of the official residence), and since perforation became an issue, I only had to say (not) that part. (Adjunct Professor Baek) would have talked about it if it was specified, but wasn’t that a situation?”On the other hand, it was found that adjunct professor Baek made references to President Yoon Seok-yeol and his wife in various media interviews. In an interview with <Monthly Chosun> in February of last year, he said that when President Yoon was the chief of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, he met President Yoon and his wife through the introduction of a person close to him and a junior of President Yoon. He said that the destructive power and survivability are so-called ‘super powers’.” In an interview with <Yeoseong Economic Daily> on March 5 of the same year, she said, “When I met Candidate Yoon’s couple, seeing Kim Geon-hee’s contemplation, I thought her prenatal dream would be unusual. When I asked, Mr. Kim immediately said, ‘I dreamed of a dragon.'”Adjunct Professor Baek said in an interview with <Dailyian> on January 1 of last year, “I had the opportunity to write a column on who would become the first lady during the last (2017) presidential election, so I met first lady Kim Jeong-sook (wife of former President Moon Jae-in) to see the spouses of presidential candidates.” In addition, at the beginning of the 2017 presidential election, he mentioned in an interview with <Monthly Chosun> that he had dinner with Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party, through a representative of a media company he knew.

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