‘Quiet Spring in Texas’ DAL-SAS-HOU, all three teams are eliminated from PO for the first time ever

The first record ever recorded.

The Dallas Mavericks lost 112-115 in a game against the Chicago Bulls in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at the Dallas American Airlines Center on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time).

Dallas was eliminated from the Play-In Tournament with the loss that day. It is the first time in four years since the 2018-2019 season, when Luka Doncic was a rookie, that Dallas was eliminated from the playoffs.

This season for Dallas has become a time where only scars remain. After advancing to the conference finals last season, Dallas has been motivated this season. However, no satisfactory results were obtained. During the season, he threw a game-winner to get Kyrie Irving in a trade, but it didn’t work and he was unable to play in the play-in tournament.

Dallas, which eventually admitted failure, changed its course to defending the right to pick for this year’s draft, which had a top-10 protection clause, by omitting a large number of key players, including Irving, in the game two games before the end of the season. The game unexpectedly went into a close match, but Dallas eventually suffered a defeat and was eliminated from the play-in tournament. 

A rare record came out as the playoff advance to Dallas was frustrated. All three Texas-based clubs (Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston) were eliminated from the playoffs. 

Dallas has been in the league since 1980-1981, and there has never been a time in NBA history when all three teams have failed to make the playoffs. Even when Dallas went through the dark days of the 90s, either San Antonio or Houston experienced spring basketball.

Currently, Dallas is 11th in the West (38-43), San Antonio is 14th (21-59), and Houston (21-60) is 15th. For the first time in 42 years, a quiet spring has come to Texas. 

After parting ways with Dermar DeRozan, LaMarcus Aldridge,온라인바카라 and Dizonte Murray, San Antonio has had its worst record this season since manager Greg Popovich took over (excluding the mid-season 1996-1997 season). Due to a series of trades, there is a lack of key players to hold the center of the team. 

Houston, which has begun a major rebuild from the 2020-2021 season, has been at the bottom of the league for the third year. As a result, after the end of the season, coach Stephen Silas’ future is uncertain.

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