‘Rainy weather forecast -> venue change’ 2023 First 3×3 Korea Tour 1st Seoul Tournament

 The first Korea tour this year. What has changed from last year?

The KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 1st Seoul Tournament (Korea Basketball Association) will be held for two days on the 15th and 16th. This competition, which was scheduled to be held at the plaza in front of the Seoul Shinmunsa (Seoul Madang), was changed due to rain forecast on the 14th.

The second day (16th) of the competition will be held at Seoul Madang as planned.

A total of 63 teams participated in the 3×3 Korea Tour 1st Seoul Tournament, 9 elementary teams, 9 middle school teams, 9 high school teams, 12 men’s open teams, 9 women’s open teams,메이저사이트 Korea League 10 men’s teams, 5 women’s teams. shine this contest

In particular, the Korean League men’s division increased by 2 teams from last year (the ‘big kids’ did not participate in the Seoul Games), and the Korea League women’s division, which celebrated its second year of existence, is expected to compete fiercely with the joining of business teams (Sacheon City Hall, Gimcheon City Hall).

Lastly, the weight of this year’s Korea Tour is different from before. This is because 3×3 basketball was adopted as a demonstration sport at the 104th National Sports Festival to be held in October. In order to participate in the National Sports Festival, it is necessary to have experience participating in national competitions, and the Korea Tour met the conditions for this national competition. To participate in the National Sports Festival, participation in the Korea Tour is essential.

*Conditions for participation in the 104th National Sports Festival 3×3 Basketball (Demonstration Event)
– After creating a single 3×3 basketball team for each city and province, register players
(athletes participating in the 2023 National Sports Festival cannot register for the National Sports Festival)
-Participated at least once in the national scale competitions specified in the table below with the created single team 

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