‘Registered as a player’ 2nd year outfielder, “If the first hit in the 1st team is hit in the hometown”

Samsung Lions outfielder Kim Sang-min received the call to the first team that he so longed for. 

Kim Sang-min, who joined Samsung last year after graduating from Busan High School, made 75 appearances on the Futures stage in his first year of debut, recording a batting average of 2.8 8 Lee (47 hits in 163 at-bats), 16 RBIs, 32 points and 3 stolen bases. Samsung converted Kim Sang-min into an official player ahead of the Daegu Kiwoom match on the 4th and registered him as a first-team entry. 

The smile on Kim Sang-min’s face never stopped when he met with reporters before the game. He said, “I was resting at the dorm after night training yesterday (3rd), and I received a call saying ‘Congratulations’ and heard the news of the call-up to the first team.” He added, “Inwardly, I was looking forward to (registering as an official player), but after being notified of going to the first team, I thought it was a dream. I also pinched my cheeks. I was so excited.” 

Kim Sang-min, who changed his uniform number from No. 102 to No. 25, smiled and said, “I chose No. 25 because it was the lowest uniform number.” Having started playing with his role model Ja-wook Koo, he couldn’t hide his excited expression, saying, “I intend to ask my seniors what they are lacking in.”  

Kim Sang-min, who introduced his strengths as “a player who is always bright and energetic on the ground,” said with strength, “His confidence in his hitting is 100%.” Following the advice of Futures hitting coach Yoshiie Tachibana, he lowered his arms. He explained, “The coach said, ‘You need to lower it to deal with the fast ball,’ so I made the change.” 

Kim Sang-min, who was envious of seeing his fellow recruits such as Lee Jae-hyun, Kim Young-woong, and Jo Min-seong playing in the first team, said, “I was very jealous when I saw them playing in the first team. I also worked harder with the goal of going to the first team someday. Everyone’ They said that if you go to the 1st team, everything from one to ten is good.” 메이저사이트

From the 5th, Samsung will play three consecutive matches against Lotte at Sajik Stadium in Busan. Kim Sang-min expressed his wish, “I’m excited to play in my hometown. I want to report the first hit of the first team at Sajik Stadium.” 

When asked which pitcher he wants to play against, he said, “I want to play against all pitchers. I can’t pick anyone,” and smiled, “It’s new to meet players I’ve seen on TV, and I’m happy to think I’m on TV now.” 

Meanwhile, Kim Sang-min was not included in the starting lineup that day, but walked as a pinch hitter in the 6th inning. Lee Sung-kyu’s double from left center enjoyed the joy of scoring the first goal of his first-team debut. 

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