“Report the wife’s request for bribery”…Lee Dong-gwan’s vague explanation

It has been confirmed through a court ruling that the wife of Lee Dong-gwan, who is likely to be nominated as the next Korea Communications Commissioner, received an ‘attempt to request a personnel request’ in 2010.

The special report explained that her wife immediately returned her money and that she also reported it to the Blue House Civil Affairs Office at the time.

At a religious event held two months after the incident by the person who handed over the shopping bag with 20 million won, the minister and the chief of the Blue House attended and even gave a congratulatory speech.

Reporter Deputy Jang-won reports exclusively.

In July 2010, A, the head of a Buddhist sect, was arrested and indicted.

He was convicted of embezzling money by pretending온라인카지노 to be close to high-ranking government officials.

In the ruling, the wife of Lee Dong-gwan, who was the chief of public relations at the Blue House, appears.

At the end of October 2009, Mr. A was asked by Mr. C, an acquaintance of Mr. C, to serve as the first-level position in the Public Relations Planning Committee of the G20 Summit Preparatory Committee under direct control of the President.

Special Advisor Lee was an ex-officio member of the Preparatory Committee.

Mr. A handed over Mr. C’s resume in November 2009, and two months later, in mid-January 2010, in front of the front door of Mr. A’s apartment, Mr. A gave him a shopping bag with a towel in it

. Mrs. Lee

told the police that she found the money and called to take it right away and returned it that night.

Mr. C did not go to the place he wanted, and in this case, which was investigated by the Special Investigation Division of the National Police Agency and the 1st Special Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, along with Mr. A’s other fraudulent cases, the court established the facts based on the police investigation records on the wife of special advisor Lee. judged.

I asked Special Advisor Lee Dong-gwan about the incident. In a text message sent to YTN

, this special advisor found money in a shopping bag handed to him by Mr. A, whom his wife usually knew, and immediately visited and returned it. She revealed that she knew the police were investigating. But two months later, on March 11, 2010. A large-scale Buddhist event is held to pray for the success of the G20 Summit hosted by the Shindo Association, chaired by Mr. center stage of the venue. On the left of Mr. A is Bahk Jae-wan, the Blue House Chief of State Affairs Planning, and on the right is Yoo In-chon, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. [Yoo In-chon / Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the time (March 11, 2010): I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the ‘National Shindo Chairman A ‘ and all the officials who worked hard to prepare for this event .]

If special advisor Lee Dong-gwan reported an attempt to solicit his wife in January 2010, it is difficult to understand that key figures from the government and the Blue House even went to congratulate the event hosted by the person who handed over 20 million won in March.

YTN asked special advisor Lee who, when, and how he reported the incident to the Blue House Civil Affairs Office, and whether he had ever been investigated as a reporter, but he only received an explanation that he did not feel the need to answer. This is

YTN’s general manager.

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