‘Rise of the unfortunate rookie’ DB Park In-woong “Now is the beginning”

DB Park In-woong (22, 190cm) started not in his debut season, but in his second year.

Park In-woong, a graduate of Chung-Ang University, was nominated by Wonju DB as the 3rd pick in the 2022 KBL rookie draft. Although he is a rookie, he was hired from the cup competition and made a successful debut in the opening game against Carrot, recording 9 points and 6 rebounds in 14 minutes and 13 seconds.

Even until mid-January, he was evaluated as the best performer among domestic rookies. He averaged 16 minutes and 13 seconds in 33 games, averaging 3.9 points, 2.2 rebounds and 0.5 assists. Contrary to his good start, he was sidelined with a fractured foot in late January, and was on the operating table. DB also failed to advance to the playoffs, finishing 7th in the regular league.

Park In-woong, who is silently enduring rehabilitation despite his great regret, said, “Rehabilitation started four weeks after the surgery. He has started jumping and running. I think he will be able to play basketball normally by the end of April. He had difficulty walking because he was afraid to even touch his feet when he was recently injured. He said that the surgery went well, and the trainer hyung was able to positively participate in the rehabilitation, saying that he should not be afraid and rehabilitate slowly,” revealing his honest feelings.

The senior’s advice and consolation was a great source of strength for Park In-woong. Park In-woong said, “The same team (two) Kyung-min hyung and (Park) Chan-hee hyung gave me a lot of advice because they were injured once. If he gets hurt once, he has a high chance of getting hurt again, so he plans to completely rehabilitate and pay attention to management after returning.”

He ended the season unfortunately with an injury, but how was his first season as a pro?

Park In-woong said, “I ended early due to an injury, but time passed really quickly. I was really grateful that coach Lee Sang-beom gave me the opportunity to participate since the cup competition. Coach Kim Joo-seong gave me many opportunities while serving as acting coach, but I am really sorry and sorry for the injury.”

His season as a rookie is over.카지노 The coming season should be faced as the second year. Park In-woong said, “This is the beginning. There are many shortcomings and difficulties, but I want to show my growth by working hard in the offseason. (Lee Seon) I want to play with a sense of stability with Albano or when Kyungmin hyung is resting. The next season is also important, and there are military issues that need to be resolved someday (laughs). I think I need to grow up and solidify my position in the team in order to go well in the military,” he looked at the future.

When asked how she would spend her vacation, she replied, “It’s like two months of vacation after surgery (laughs). I plan to spend the offseason rehabilitating and exercising with my alma mater Chung-Ang University players.”

Let’s look forward to what Park In-woong, who continued to be the best player among rookies, will show on his court after recovering from an injury.

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