Robert Harley “I can’t forget the pleasure of drugs… I must never touch them”

Broadcaster and director of Gwangju Foreign School, Robert Harley (Korean name: Ha-il), who caused controversy over drug use, emphasized that “I can’t forget the pleasure of drugs” and that “you shouldn’t touch drugs at all.”

Robert Harley appeared on CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’, which aired on the 17th, and warned of the dangers of drugs.

After purchasing methamphetamine on the Internet in March 2019, Harley was handed over to trial on charges of taking it with a foreign acquaintance or taking it alone, and was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 2 years probation in August 2019. On the 14th, he attended the drug debate held at the National Assembly hosted by Rep. Tae Young-ho, the power of the people, and made an official appearance for the first time in 4 years.

Harley said, “I have suffered a lot in the past,” and said, “I have recovered now.”

When he was in law school in the eastern United States, he was lucky to have firsthand experience of drugs while watching people who smoked cannabis.

He said, “Cannabis is called a ‘gateway drug’, an introductory drug. (After encountering cannabis) it is natural to go to the stronger side,” he said. “You shouldn’t do it from the beginning. can’t forget the pleasure There is no drug that makes you forget (the pleasure of drugs).”

“When you encounter drugs, they stay in your memory. That’s why addicts have a hard time. It can’t be compared (with the stimuli in everyday life),” he said. Same goes for drugs. It is because such unforgettable memories are created that addicts are formed.” He added, “You shouldn’t have touched it first. Neither do I. Because I want to do it again,” he said, never starting it even out of curiosity.

Regarding the claim of ‘cannabis legalization’ by some, he objected메이저놀이터, saying, “I think it is very bad.” “In US states where (marijuana) has been legalized, drug-related deaths have increased. The rate of drug use has increased, and the rate of youth use has also increased. That is why we must oppose it,” he said firmly.

Harley is quitting the drug that is difficult to quit. What is the secret?

He said, “The reason I didn’t do it again is because there is a support system around me. My family has been a huge help. still standing by my side Behind them are bedding. There are many friends who left because of drugs, but instead there are friends like Sayuri, Kim Heung-guk, and Hyun Jin-young who help me.”

“The problem for addicts is that family and friends are leaving. There is no support system,” he said, adding that the interest and support of those around him is important.

Family was more important than anyone else. “My son said, ‘Don’t make me cry,'” Harley said. He said his son called her wife and asked, ‘Mom are you divorcing me? When her wife said, ‘Am I that kind of woman? Do you think I’ll leave your daddy?’, she said. My son came running from America to show me his love. I don’t know what’s in my heart, but there was no resentment,” he said, conveying the strength of his family.

He also emphasized drug treatment. “(Addicts) have to be treated from the beginning. In my case, I received treatment from the beginning, so I was able to overcome it.” He said that treatment is as important as punishment.

American attorney-turned-broadcaster Robert Harley is a first-generation broadcaster who was naturalized in 1997. With a savory Gyeongsang-do dialect, “Would you like to cook a pot?” He gained great popularity with buzzwords such as, etc., but lost all popularity and love due to drug use.

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