Samsung Youth Middle School Lee Seung-ho “My role model is ‘Slam Dunk’ Chae Chi-soo”

This article was published in the April 2023 issue of Basket Korea webzine. The interview for this article was conducted on March 11, 2023 at 11 am ( Link to Buy Basket Korea Webzine ).안전놀이터

Lee Seung-ho started playing basketball late. In September 2022, he first caught a basketball when he was in the 6th grade of elementary school. Nevertheless, Seungho Lee’s growth was remarkable. He gradually widened his range from the low post to the high post.
Lee Seung-ho’s skill development was achieved through thorough analysis. I identified his strengths and weaknesses and developed his skills through personal training.
Born in 2010, Lee Seung-ho’s role model is Chae Chi-soo from the 1990 basketball cartoon ‘Slam Dunk’. He said, “I want to emulate the leadership of Chae Chi-soo, who leads Buksan.”

Please introduce yourself.
My name is Lee Seung-ho, 14 years old. He plays for the Seoul Samsung Thunders youth team.

How has he been lately?
He recently injured his ankle. He sprained it slightly while playing basketball with his father and some people in the neighborhood. So he didn’t get much exercise. Still, he plays basketball in the neighborhood, or does a little exercise at the gym or school. He’s also out clubbing.

How did you start playing basketball?
I started playing basketball later than my peers. It started in September 2022. He grew up a lot when he entered the 6th grade of elementary school. I am tall and have gained a lot of weight. I started playing basketball to lose weight.

Was the diet successful?
I didn’t lose much weight. Instead, I created a well-balanced body shape. 

What is your play style?
In the past, I mainly played under-the-goal shots. Lately I’ve been practicing at the high post. Catch the ball at the high post and throw a run, pass, or even a mid-range jumper. After receiving guidance from the coach, I practiced a lot on my own.

Why did you expand your activity radius?
Playing under the goal is an advantage. Take good care of the height. However, since I only tried to shoot under the goal, the fun was lost. I wanted to play differently, and I became greedy for various plays. So I devoted myself to practice.

What year was 2022?
I learned a lot and my skills improved. I also went to a lot of competitions. I felt a lot in the competition. I was runner-up twice and came third once.
In the last tournament, I lost in the final. My skills have improved a lot. Since it was the last competition in 2022, it was more fun and more enjoyable.
It wasn’t long before I started learning basketball, but it felt good to be runner-up. On the contrary, I also thought that I should develop further. I felt a lot of shortcomings.

I’m also curious about role models.
Slam Dunk’s Chae Chi-soo is my role model. I’m really good at watching cartoons. His position is the same center as mine, and his playing style is similar to mine. Since it’s an old manga, the role of the center is classic, but I like that too. Also, I like the quiet atmosphere of Chae Chi-soo. He also wants to emulate the leadership of a team. I also watched the recently released movie ‘The First Slam Dunk’. So I think of Chae Chi-soo more.

Are there any players he likes?
Recently, I like Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors). The pose is really good. It’s cool to shoot a 3-pointer from such a long distance and go well.

What is basketball to Lee Seung-ho?
It’s the only way to take your mind off things for a while. When I was angry, I wanted to play basketball, so I went out to the neighborhood, but he played basketball and nothing came to mind. A lot of stress has been relieved.

What goals do you have for the future?
Just like the reason I started playing basketball, I want to grow taller and lose weight. He wants to be a happy person who has a pretty body, is healthy and plays a lot of basketball. And when he becomes an adult, he wants to be a gym instructor. He’s like the club coach who teaches me.

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