Samsung’s last puzzle, will the submarine from Lotte solve it?

The new 5 starters for the Samsung Lions have been confirmed. Choi Ha-neul (24) was dropped for the new 5th starter. 

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “I’m thinking of Choi Ha-neul as my 5th starter” ahead of the Daegu KIA Tigers game on the 16th. According to the starting rotation, Choi Ha-neul will start against the Changwon NC Dinos on the 19th. 

This season, Samsung has not been able to solve the final puzzle of the 5 starting pitchers. David Buchanan (34)-Albert Suarez (34)-Won Tae-in (23)-Baek Jung-hyun (36) built a solid 1-4 selection, but failed to come up with a 5th selection answer. Yang Chang-seop (24), Jang Pil-joon (35), Lee Jae-hee (22), and Heo Yun-dong (22) were put into the 5th starting lineup in turn, but no player showed a clear appearance. The performance of the four players in the start was 2 losses without a win and an average ERA of 9.78 (21 runs in 19 and 1/3 innings). It was not a satisfactory grade. 

With the opportunity given to Heo Yun-dong against the LG Twins in Daegu on the 13th, Samsung set out to find a new 5 starter. After weeks of hard work, director Park Jin-man’s conclusion was Choi Ha-neul with Sidearms. Choi Ha-neul, who started 4 games in the Futures League (2nd team) this season and struggled with a 2-win, undefeated average ERA of 1.02 (2 ERA in 17⅔ innings), was selected as the new 5th starter. 

Coach Park Jin-man said of Choi Ha-neul,메이저사이트 “I threw enough balls, more than 100 pitches in the 2nd team, and I received reports that his control was good.” However, in the last interview, coach Park Jin-man pointed out Ha-neul Choi’s low ‘speed’, but on this day, coach Park said, “I decided to call up because the pitching coach said that he would rise 2km/h more if he came up to the first team. He also said that the (main weapon) circle changeup would work well.” 

Choi Ha-neul, who wore the Lotte Giants uniform with the 63rd overall in the 7th round of the 2018 season, was traded for Lee Hak-joo (33), a “genius shortstop,” and made a new nest in Daegu in January of last year. Last year, Choi Ha-neul was also considered one of the starting candidates, but he did not perform as well as expected, recording 1 win, 3 losses and an average ERA of 6.55 in 5 starting games. After performing well in the 2nd team as an incisor referee in the new season, he was given another chance. 

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