Sangmyung University Kim Tae-ho “Professional, in itself, would be an honor”

The fourth misaeng is Kim Tae-ho (G, 188cm), the captain of Sangmyung University. Let’s hear his story of how he overcame with basketball even when he hesitated with basketball.안전놀이터

#A firm commitment to basketball.
As a child, Kim Tae-ho enjoyed playing basketball and baseball with his friends in his neighborhood. More interested in basketball than baseball, he wanted to learn basketball formally. Despite his parents’ strong opposition, he consistently showed affection during the 3rd and 4th grade of elementary school and eventually succeeded in persuading him. That’s how Kim Tae-ho started playing basketball at the end of the fifth grade.

Official basketball was simply different from the basketball enjoyed in the neighborhood. He couldn’t hide his surprise when he saw his friends using various basketball skills. However, as unwavering as his heart was for his basketball, so was his passion. “I had a strong desire to succeed with this, and I think my skills improved a lot at that time because I was attached to good friends. When I told them to rest, I would exercise or play basketball.”

During his elementary school days, he worked hard on adapting to the environment and mastering basic skills. And right before he finished 6th grade, he chose to transfer to Ansan Elementary School to head to Annam Middle School. Kim Tae-ho, who announced a new start at Annam Middle School, was guaranteed a lot of playing time from his freshman year.

However, he would suffer a near-fifty-point defeat in a game he had earlier in the year. Kim Tae-ho, realizing the reality at the same time as his resentment, practiced focusing only on ‘hard work’. He said he felt a growth trend in defense through consistent playing time and repeated practice. “The offense has improved, but the defense has improved a lot. Because in those three years he continued to learn rotation defense.”

He said that the first competition in the third year of middle school was memorable. It was because An Nam-jung passed the preliminary round and advanced to the round of 12 at the 2014 KBL General Cultivation Spring National Men’s Middle and High School Basketball Sangju Tournament. It may have been a natural result for other teams, but it was all the more valuable because it was the result of sweat and blood.

#Taeho Kim, who became a high school student with valuable memories after responding with sweat drops of effort . He decided to hold back in the middle of his freshman year. “I was less than 180cm tall in my freshman year, but the director told me that my growth rate seemed to be a year behind my peers. At that time, I was too weak and even slow, so he suggested that I be graded so that I would grow to a height of about 190 cm.”

Kim Tae-ho practiced non-stop during his paid period. In particular, his speed was his weakness, so he paid attention to his quickness and corrected his shooting posture. And that effort began to appear in his records.

In 2017, the second year. In the weekend league held in June, Jemulpo High School won by 22 points (104-82) against Gangwon Sadaebu High School. He himself felt that his skills had improved a lot. “You usually say, ‘The water has risen. He saw a lot of ways that he could take away when defending. I think I was able to relax mentally even in the attack.”

In the third year, when he was the captain, he wrote history in his basketball life. In the 55th Spring National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball League final match against Jeonju High School, he exploded 41 points, including 6 3-point shots, and recorded a double-double (23 points, 3 rebounds, 11 assists) against Naksaenggo in the quarterfinals of the 2018 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship. did.

In the semi-final match against Cheongju Sinheung High School in the 48th Autumn National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball League, he made a record close to a triple double (39 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists). Although he lost against Myeonggo in the final, he was able to introduce the name ‘Kim Tae-ho’ to many people.

“I think I was confident when I got one or two. Of course, there were days when I didn’t go in, but I was confident that I could keep going.”

# There was no giving up even after failing in the draft.

He entered Dankook University after a brilliant record. He played an active role as a starting player from his freshman year and contributed to the team’s progress to the playoffs, and also helped Dankook University win the 74th National Basketball Championship in July of that year. Kim Tae-ho, who showed good performances throughout his freshman year, became the main character of the 2019 KUSF College Basketball U-League South University Rookie of the Year.

Kim Tae-ho, who became a sophomore, chose early entry rather than completing four years of college. He had a strong desire to adapt to the pros early on. However, the result was unknown. After he was drafted, he opted for a transfer, but was not accepted.

After taking a leave of absence from Dankook University, there was a hiatus, but he continued his movement so as not to lose his sense. He shared his thoughts at the time. “Some days I’m like, ‘Is this right?’ I wanted to, and some days I worked hard, and it was very difficult, but I think I refined it while trying to forget it.”

Kim Tae-ho endured the hard days and took on another challenge. He successfully transferred to Sangmyung University. Kim Tae-ho, who appeared in a match against Chung-Ang University on June 9 last year, scored a double-digit score by digesting 38 minutes and 48 seconds. He was not satisfied with his performance in his first game, but he did not give up.

“The first match was a mental breakdown, and when he asked himself, ‘Are you going to give up?’ the answer was that he would never give up. After taking a day off, I continued to practice.”

The results of the practice soon became apparent. Sangmyung University won 102-56 in the 38th MBC National University Basketball Sangju Tournament Preliminary match held in July against Myongji University, and Kim Tae-ho recorded 26 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals.

This season, he is leading Sangmyung University as a captain. He created a double-double (19 points, 3 rebounds and 10 assists) from the first game of the season (Daejeon Central) and recorded double-digit assists in Daejeon Kyung-hee (March 23), where he won his first win. Now, only two college league games and MBC’s performance are left.

# Remaining Journey, Commitment to Doing My Best
Kim Tae-ho, who entered the interview room after the MBC Cup Myungji Daejeon last year, said, “When I first came out of Dankook University, I was very greedy. I wanted to go to the pros quickly. I was immature, but I think I was greedy.”

After that, Kim Tae-ho, who has achieved spiritual growth and is running towards the end of his college journey, revealed his goal before graduating, saying, “Coach Seung-jin Ko is thinking about my future and giving me reading directions. I want to get as much as I can for the remaining period.”

Also, I was looking forward to learning from the pros. “When I was young, when I was full of confidence, I only thought of cheering and splendid things, but now, when I go to the pros, I think it would be nice and honorable to play with my brothers. I have high expectations for ‘What can I learn?’”

Kim Tae-ho is facing the second draft of his basketball career. There were moments when his rising curve was broken, but during that time, he polished his body and mind. Let’s see if he can take his steps on the road to pro.

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