“SBS broadcasting is garbage… Malicious editing” Kwon Ah-sol’s runaway

‘Bad boy’ Kwon Ah-sol (37) 안전놀이터 expressed strong dissatisfaction by calling the broadcast he was appearing on as ‘garbage’.

Kwon Ah-sol said at the press conference for ‘Hwang In-soo VS Myung Hyun-man VS Kwon Ah-sol’ held at Namsan Seoul Tower Gallery K on the afternoon of the 30th, she said, “She ended up sparring with Myung Hyun-man through the broadcast.” He revealed, “Honestly, SBS broadcasting is a bit trashy,” and “I was sent out (edited) to have me play a villain.”

He pinched, “I cut the (good) things I said and edited them in favor of the program.” Kwon Ah-sol raised his voice, saying, “I think the broadcasting world is trash.”

Kwon Ah-sol belonged to the same team as Myung Hyun-man (38) in the past. For personal reasons, Myung Hyeon-man left the stage of mixed martial arts (MMA) and moved on to stand-up martial arts.

Afterwards, Kwon Ah-sol only criticized Myeong-hyeon. In particular, only Myeong-hyeon spared no bitter criticism about sparring with ordinary people on his personal YouTube. Myeonghyeonman also faced criticism towards Kwon Ah-sol.

Emotions deepened. In the end, the two decided to fight at the Road FC official gym in Wonju, Gangwon Province on the 31st. Recently, Kwon Ah-sol and Myung Hyun-man appeared on SBS’ ‘Hell Court in Wonderland’ and shared related information.

Kwon Ah-sol insisted that all references to the human side were edited only for Myeong-hyeon. In the meantime, she explained the good deeds she had done for Myeonghyeon alone during the time she was on the same team. After that, only Myeong-hyeon left the team, and Kwon A-sol began to criticize.

Kwon Ah-sol was angered by such a mixture of human emotions, but she revealed that the broadcast was intentionally edited and he made himself a bad guy. She is the so-called devil’s editing.

Even Myeonghyunman admitted this. He said, “I first learned about the good things Kwon Ah-sol did for him,” and said, “I was a little embarrassed.”

He went on to say that if he had known that, he would not have been able to criticize Kwon Ah-sol on YouTube in the past. Myung Hyun-man agreed, saying, “(The part where Kwon Ah-sol said that) was edited” and “Kwon Ah-sol has become trash.”

Leaving the sediment behind, the two will reconcile on the 31st with sparring close to the actual match. Myung Hyeon-man and Kwon Ah-sol face each other with MMA rules in 3 minutes and 2 rounds. Considering the weight difference between heavyweight Myeong Hyun-man and welterweight Kwon Ah-sol, it was decided to fight in an MMA format.

After the match with Kwon Ah-sol, Myung Hyeon-man will participate in the Goobne Road FC 063 competition, which will be held on the 25th of next month at the Goyang Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province. Road FC middleweight champion Hwang In-soo will fight with kickboxing rules.

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