‘Scored 20 points for 3 consecutive times’ Korean women’s volleyball finds hope in 2 consecutive losses… 1-3 loss to Poland 

The result was two consecutive losses, putting them one step closer to failing to advance to the 2024 Paris Olympics. However, Poland, who started without starting setter Joanna Bołosz, showed a promising performance as the game was close enough to eventually send her out.

The Korean women’s national volleyball team (ranked 36th in the world), led by coach Cesar Hernández, faced the Polish national team (ranked 7th) led by coach Stefano Lavarini in the second match of Group C of the 2024 Paris Olympic qualifiers held in Łódź, Poland on the 18th (Korean time). They lost with a score of 1-3 (22-25, 26-24, 21-25, 9-25).

As a result, Korea, which lost 0 wins and 2 losses in a row following a shutout loss in the first game against Italy, remained at the bottom of Group C. Korea is in preliminary group C along with Poland, the United States (2nd), Germany (12th), Thailand (14th), Colombia (22nd), and Slovenia (27th), and must place in the top 2 of the group to advance to the Olympic finals. .

Stasiak Magdalena with 21 points and Lucasic Martina with 20 points were matched by Kang So-hwi with 16 points and Pyo Seung-ju with 15 points. Kang So-hwi, who showed consistent scoring ability, and Pyo Seung-joo, who achieved a solo blocking, showed the best performance in offense and defense. The dedicated defensive skills of libero Kim Yeon-gyeon and outside heater Moon Jeong-won, who came in from the second set, were the main reasons for the close match. However, in the end, they failed to overcome the height with 8 to 22 blocking and failed to score 1 point.

Korea was dragged to the middle of the first set. They gave up the lead메이저놀이터 when Park Jeong-ah’s first serve hit the net, and Poland’s high wall repeatedly blocked their attacks, bringing the score to 11-18. However, Chung Ho-young in the center and Pyo Seung-ju on the side showed their strength and caught up one point at a time, and finally Joo-ah Lee pushed through and reached the 20-point mark. They won the 21st point with Kang So-hwi’s serve ace, but lost the first set as no one could catch Lukasik’s feint at the set point.

However, the concentration at the end of the first set continued into the second set, showing that it was not in vain. The match was even with Poland until the middle of the set. In the vanguard, Ho-Young Jeong and Seung-Ju Pyo blocked the opponent’s attacks, and they even took the lead at one point thanks to Ho-Young Jeong’s serve ace and Joo-ah Lee’s parry attack.

After the middle, the score gap widened to 14-19, but at this time, substitute Moon Jeong-won turned the tide of the game. He was responsible for the defense along with Kim Yeon-gyeon, and in particular, when the team was behind 20-21, Moon Jeong-won digged the ball over to Kim Da-in and Kang So-hwi hit it in, tying the score. In the end, Poland even sent their starting setter, Bowersch, to the court. However, Korea paid no heed and Kang So-hwi made two successful open attacks and took the set point for the first time. Korea finally won a set as Pyo Seung-ju scored consecutive goals at deuce.

With the momentum, Korea took the lead in the third set. Seung-Joo Pyo made a solo block to tie the score at 5-5 and took the lead until midway through the game. However, as the attack became less effective in the second half, Poland reached the 20-point mark first, and eventually Stasiak finished the match, conceding the third set in vain. In the 4th set, he failed to show the same concentration as in the previous set, where he scored 20 points three times in a row, and even showed a decline in stamina, resulting in a big loss of 9-25.

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