Seo Jun-won → Bang Bang, Jang Jeong-seok → Hae-im, Lee Chun-woong →? Gambling + lies, ‘reply you’ needed by LG

The player admitted belatedly. Apart from the judgment of the judicial authorities, LG must also make a decision.

On the 12th, LG outfielder Lee Cheon-woong admitted to participating in illegal Internet gambling to the club. It has been about two weeks since the report that the contents were reported to the KBO Clean Baseball Center on the 31st of last month. Lee Cheon-woong had been lying to the club even after committing illegal acts, but belatedly confessed.

LG officially announced the contents on the morning of the 14th. He said that he would actively cooperate with the prosecution’s investigation of Lee Chun-woong and the follow-up measures of the KBO. According to Article 51 of the KBO Baseball Code of Dignity, in the case of gambling (illegal internet gambling and general gambling, etc.), suspension of 50 games or more for 1 violation, 5 million won in fine, 120 hours of volunteer work, 70 suspension for 2 violations It is subdivided into game abnormality, sanction of 10 million won, 180 hours of volunteer work, disqualification for violations of 3 or more times, and suspension of other duties.

This means that if Chun-Woong Lee’s gambling is caught on the first or second occasion, he could be suspended, sanctioned or volunteered and returned to the field. A police investigation has begun, and it may take some time for the case to be sent to the prosecution and a court sentence to come out.

Will LG wait indefinitely for that time? For reference, in the case of Lotte, when a report came out that Seo Jun-won was suspected of producing a sexual exploitation material and was investigated by the prosecution, he immediately released it and ‘lost money’. In fact, he made a bold move in a situation where it was unknown what kind of disposition Seo Jun-won would receive.

The KIA also concluded with dismissal when former general manager Jang Jeong-seok’s former general manager Park Dong-won’s non-FA multi-year contract negotiations revealed the demand for money and valuables. They did not accept the resignation of former general manager Jang. He recently entered a prosecution investigation, and the conclusion is also unknown. Nonetheless, it broke cleanly.

LG cannot be forced to release Chun-Woong Lee as Lotte did to Jun-Won Seo. However, public opinion is not very positive in that Lee Chun-woong has already admitted to gambling, even cheated on the club and fans for two weeks, and played in four first-team matches.

Last year, the KBO decided to eliminate self-discipline related to the club’s dignity-damaging behavior while subdividing sanctions related to drunk driving. Because there was a lot of controversy over equity. For this reason, when a serious level of damage to dignity has recently been discovered, clubs have taken steps to release and stop loss of the player concerned. This is because the release itself is not a punishment.

Strictly speaking, there is no problem with the rules even if Seo Jun-won later signs with another club. The same goes for former general manager Jang’s return to the baseball world.메이저사이트 This is because the two have not yet been expelled. (Of course, there will be no club to sign a contract with, and there is a high possibility that the KBO will also refuse to effect the contract). plan.

Nevertheless, the fact that Lotte and KIA hastily announced their release and dismissal, respectively, is a kind of strong message that they will not sit idle on members who have done damage to dignity. In this regard, it seems that LG does not need to delay taking action against Lee Chun-woong. It’s ‘Answer’.

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