Seoi-cho teacher’s youthful appearance… Bereaved family “opposes investigation of pathetic teachers”

A 23-year-old teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul made an extreme choice, and the bereaved family expressed their position that they did not want all teachers and parents to be investigated.

Mr. A, who identified himself as the deceased teacher’s cousin, wrote on his blog, “I don’t want to call the poor Seoi-cho teachers and parents to the police station.”

He said, “His brother liked and respected many of his fellow teachers. If he sees unrelated colleagues struggling, he will suffer even in heaven,” he wrote.

He went on to say, “There are pictures of my fellow teachers pasted on the bedside window of my brother’s house.”

Mr. A also said, “When my younger brother spoke at a cafe키톤벳 before he was alive, he expressed his gratitude by talking about the parents who supported and supported him.” Many parents were also reliable friends for my younger brother.”

However, he ordered, “Please conduct a clear investigation into specific parents and related persons who have caused problems and caused pain to other students and teachers.”

Mr. A also conveyed his position to the police investigating the current case that he hoped the official announcement would not be different from what the bereaved family found out.

He said, “My younger brother carried out and reported on the work that he had to do that day, filled out all the class journals, and finished everything he had to do until the end.” Please make sure to investigate.”

Lastly, he uploaded a picture of what the deceased looked like during his lifetime and wrote, “I will not give up.”

Meanwhile, the Seocho Police Station is conducting a witness investigation targeting Seoi-cho teachers. The police plan to call all 60 teachers, including the principal, as witnesses.

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