“Shame” Romance Destroyed Judgment, Boras Enraged… I made a complaint call to ML.

Super agent’ Scott Boras (71) was very angry. Angered by customer Cody Bellinger’s (28, Chicago Cubs) declaration of violation of the pitch clock that destroyed the impression, he even called the Major League Secretariat to protest. 

The LA Times reported on the 16th (Korean time) that Boras had called Major League Deputy Commissioner Dan Harlem to complain about the referee’s violation of the pitch clock that took away Bellinger’s welcome time. 

The incident in question (?) occurred on the 15th at Dodger Stadium. Bellinger, who played for the Dodgers for six years, won the Rookie of the Year Award and MVP, and even won the World Series, visited Dodger Stadium, the home stadium of his former team, for the first time after moving to the Cubs and became a hot topic. 

Before the game, the Dodgers team posted a special video for Bellinger on the electronic board, and also prepared a welcome time to exchange greetings with fans in the right outfield. Bellinger also took off his hat to respond to the applause of the fans. Even as Bellinger entered the first plate in the second inning, the Dodgers home fans continued to give him a standing ovation. 

Bellinger was enjoying the welcome of the Dodgers fans as he slowly entered the plate. However, referee Jim Wolf declared a pitch clock violation. The hitter must be ready to hit before eight seconds of the pitch clock remain. When Bellinger did not complete his preparations until 8 seconds later, the Wolf referee immediately declared a pitch clock violation, and Bellinger was awarded an automatic strike. 

It was a precise rule application, but it was also a moment of romantic destruction. “Even Dodgers manager Dave Roberts shouted from the dugout, ‘Give Bellinger some time,’ Boras said. The coach of the opposing team also tried to make sure that the player was properly welcomed, but the referee did not expect that. he couldn’t believe it It’s nonsense. It’s a shame for the major leagues,” he pointed out. 

Boras called Harlem’s deputy commissioner and asked,메이저놀이터 “Why don’t we have regulations on this?” In response, Harlem’s deputy commissioner replied, “It is at the referee’s discretion, and the club can inform the referee in advance if there is anything special.” Requests for a suspension during a game under such special circumstances can be made by contacting the secretariat in advance of any club before the game and going through the process of obtaining approval from the commissioner. 

However, according to the LA Times, none of the clubs made any related requests at the Bellinger game that day. The referee played by the rules. In fact, Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) and Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh) were welcomed with a standing ovation from the crowd as they entered their first at-bat during the home opener this year, but no pitch clock violations were declared. It can be inferred that there was a request from the club in advance. 

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