She broke seven years of seclusion and attended a VIP party… What kind of meeting was it?

Chung Yoo-kyung, general manager of Shinsegae Department Store메이저사이트, known as the ‘reclusive manager’, is attracting attention by appearing at an official event for the first time in seven years. He personally welcomed guests at the art fair ‘Frieze Seoul 2023’, the largest event in the domestic art world, which opened on the 6th.

According to the distribution industry on the 7th, CEO Chung visited ‘Boon the Shop Cheongdam’, a fashion select shop in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the evening of the 6th. The ‘Shinsegae × Freeze VIP Party’ was held here, where VIPs from Shinsegae Department Store gathered in one place . About 500 people, including representatives of major domestic fashion brands, businessmen, and broadcasters, attended the event. Shinsegae CEO Son Young-sik, as well as executives in charge of Shinsegae Gangnam branch, Shinsegae International, and Shinsegae luxury brands, were all present at the event venue. During this Freeze Seoul event, Shinsegae participated as an official partner for the first time in the distribution industry. An industry official explained, “Not only is it not enough for Shinsegae to participate as a partner, but the fact that CEO Jeong made a surprise appearance at the VIP event shows how much effort is being put into the event.” Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin, the older brother of CEO Chung, also attended the event. Vice Chairman Chung also posted a photo taken at the scene with Hollywood actress Jodie Foster on his social media .

Shinsegae Gallery is currently located on the first basement floor of Boon the Shop Cheongdam. This place is used as an exhibition hall for the Frieze Seoul event. A Shinsegae official said, “We opened a new Shinsegae Gallery in ‘Boon the Shop Cheongdam’ to coincide with the Frieze Seoul period when art lovers from all over the world come to Seoul. “The VIP party is also intended to allow art collectors to interact with each other,” he explained. Here at Shinsegae Gallery, the works of Rickrit Thiravanija, a Thai artist living in the United States, are on display until November.

The reason why the entire distribution industry, including department stores and fashion brands, is putting effort into the art market is to capture ‘art consumers’ who have a strong tendency to satisfy cultural satisfaction through consumption. The 2030 generation’s interest in the art market is growing, and it overlaps with the core consumer base of retailers.

Accordingly, luxury brands Chanel, Dior, Prada, and Bottega Veneta also sponsor Korean contemporary artists or present exhibitions they directly curate in celebration of Frieze Seoul. Chanel planned and released the ‘ Now & Next

‘ video series that highlights Korean contemporary artists . Min-wook Lim, Seung-hye Hong, Seong-sik Moon, Eun-woo Lee, Hyun-seon Jeon, and Seo-young Jang participated in this series. Prada held the ‘Prada Mode Seoul’ event for two days on the 5th and 6th at Court, a cultural complex in Insa-dong, Seoul. ‘Prada Mode’ is an event that collaborates with artists and creators in various fields to provide content tailored to the theme. It presented installation works from the perspectives of three film directors, including Kim Ji-woon, Yeon Sang-ho, and Jeong Da-hee, under the theme of ‘Multiple and Parallel’. .

Dior held the ‘Lady Dior Celebration’ exhibition in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, introducing Lady Dior bags reinterpreted by 24 Korean contemporary artists, including Lee Geon-yong, Ha Jong-hyun, and Lee Bul, and Bottega Veneta held the solo exhibition of artist Kang Seo-kyung, which opened at the Leeum Museum of Art. Sponsored ‘Willow Book Oriole’. This is the first time that a fashion house is sponsoring an exhibition held at Leeum.

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