‘Shoulder muscle pain’ Go Woo-seok finds it difficult to pitch against Japan

Go Woo-seok (25, LG Twins), who was hospitalized for shoulder muscle pain, is expected to have a difficult time pitching against Japan. 

Lee Kang-cheol (KT Wiz) baseball team coach said, “Ko Woo-seok will have a hard time starting today” before the second Group B game against Japan at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 10th. 메이저사이트

Go Woo-seok took the mound in the evaluation game against Orix Buffaloes on the 6th and complained of his discomfort. The next day (7th), I went to a WBCI-designated hospital and received a right shoulder examination, and as a result, I was diagnosed with simple muscle pain. An official from the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) said, “As a result of the test, there is no major problem. It is simple muscle pain around the right shoulder.”

However, Ko Woo-seok did not pitch against Australia on the 9th, and he is still not in physical condition to pitch.

Director Lee Kang-cheol said, “I think I can think of (Go Woo-seok’s appearance) only when I go up in the round (quarterfinals).” 

Go Woo-seok won the KBO league save king last year. He went on a honeymoon early for the WBC tournament and prepared enthusiastically. He was expected to be the finishing pitcher for this national team, but he is not in a normal condition right now. 

A red flag was also turned on in the operation of the national team’s bullpen.  

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