Shouldn’t I send Oh Hyeon-gyu’… Resolute Suwon → Resetting the goal ‘Searching for a replacement’

Suwon Samsung, a professional soccer team, is expected to reset its goal to find a replacement for Oh Hyeon-gyu (22, Suwon Samsung). It can be interpreted that Oh Hyun-kyu’s advance into Europe is getting closer.

An official from Suwon said in a phone call with OSEN on the 20th,스포츠토토 “When Celtic first proposed Oh Hyun-gyu’s transfer, we responded with a firm stance. Still, Celtic did not stop making offers. I set the transfer fee high and sent another proposal.”

In Europe, when the transfer fee of a player rises, the salary also rises. According to an official from Suwon, Celtic, a Scottish league team, offered Oh Hyun-kyu an annual salary of more than 10 times that he would receive in the K-League. Celtic’s militant proposal created an atmosphere in which Suwon could no longer insist on Oh Hyun-gyu’s stay.

Since early December, Celtic has submitted several transfer proposals to Suwon to recruit Oh Hyun-kyu. Suwon took a firm stance of “cannot send” immediately after receiving the first offer.

On the 2nd, an official from Suwon said, “I received a transfer letter, but I am not negotiating. Because Oh Hyun-gyu will accompany Suwon this year,” he said with strength. At the time, the transfer fee proposed by Celtic was known to be around 2 million euros (2.7 billion won). It was an amount that could not be ignored, but Suwon was in a position to protect Oh Hyun-gyu.

After a fierce relegation fight in the previous season, Suwon, who succeeded in staying dramatically, is preparing for this season with the goal of ‘rebuilding the famous family’. If main striker Oh Hyeon-kyu leaves, there will be a significant blow.

Oh Hyun-kyu played in 36 league games last season and scored the most goals (13 goals) in the team, quickly emerging as an indispensable presence in Suwon. I also went to the 2022 Qatar World Cup as a ‘preliminary member’ in the eyes of coach Paulo Bento.

Celtic recognized Oh Hyeon-kyu and courted him persistently. Suwon rejected the proposal several times, saying, “I will accompany Oh Hyun-gyu in the 2023 season,” but he stuck to an active stance even while raising the transfer fee.

In the end, Suwon is in the mood to send Oh Hyun-kyu and find a replacement.

An official from Suwon said on the 20th, “No decision has been made yet,” but “(After meeting with Oh Hyun-kyu), director Lee Byeong-geun seems to have a mindset of ‘Shouldn’t this be enough? From the club’s point of view, it is necessary to make a comprehensive decision. You can’t just send it without a substitute. I don’t think the outline will come out until next week or so,” he explained.

Still, “The European stage challenge is the dream of all players. At the age of 22, that opportunity came to Oh Hyeon-gyu. It is a very valuable opportunity for players. Suwon is not a club that has prevented players from advancing overseas from the past. We have been seriously thinking about the future of the players together.”

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