Something invisible…” The first meeting of the commander duo of the same age as the ‘national’ modifier, but it ended up misfired…

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop and Samsung coach Park Jin-man are close friends of the same age.

On the 25th and 26th, we had our first matchup at Jamsil Stadium. I was looking forward to the scene where we exchanged greetings because we were close.

However, the meeting between the two star directors never ended. Why?

The commanders of both teams seemed similar and explained with different nuances.

Regarding the first game against his home team on the first day,스포츠토토Lee Seung-yeop, head coach of the home team, joked, “I watched (Samsung) a lot when commentating.” He cautioned against excessive attention. On the second day, he repeatedly emphasized, “We talked about it yesterday, but we were only thinking about how to beat the opposing team.”

As for the reason for not meeting coach Lee Seung-yeop for two days, visiting team coach Park Jin-man calmly said, “I have my own routine, and since it is an exhibition match, there are many things to do. There is nothing particularly uncomfortable.” He added, “Now is the time to think about power ahead of the opening. It seems that we need to respect and be considerate of each other as we can harm each other,” he added.

The meeting failed, but a tense fight unfolded through the ground players. Both teams showed their will to win by actively replacing pinch hitters, substitute runners, and pitchers in a close game. From the first meeting, the intention not to be overpowered was read as the content of the game.

After the game on the 26th, Ja-wook Koo, the main pitcher of Samsung, implied that the game was played in a tense atmosphere like a thin ice sheet, saying, “It was a game in which there was something invisible.”

After a close match in both games, Samsung swept all the way and ran an 8-game winning streak.

The two teams were unusual from the first meeting. An exciting new rivalry is expected this season.

Two star-studded command towers ahead of their managerial debut this season.

One is a national hitter, and the other is a national shortstop. With the adjective of “national” honor attached to it, and as a former Samsung legend, he competed wearing a Doosan uniform, and interest grew even more.

Interest in the rivalry between the two commanders that will continue throughout the season. The competition in good faith, which will draw attention, is expected to lead to a positive effect that will increase interest in baseball and enhance the performance of both teams.

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