Song Min-kyu’s final goal… Reconstruction of Jeonbuk’s ‘famous house’ started

Jeonbuk Hyundai, a famous K-League professional soccer player, has prepared a stepping stone to escape from sluggishness with a valuable away win. Jeonbuk won 2-0 in the K-League 1 (first division) round 8 match against Jeju United held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 23rd, with Song Min-kyu’s opening goal and Han Kyo-won’s additional goal just before the end of the game in the 40th minute of the first half. Jeonbuk, who succeeded in winning 3 wins (1 draw and 4 losses) in the season, rose to the top of the 10-point high in 8 games. The ranking jumped three places from 10th to 7th.

In the 40th minute of the first half, Jeonbuk left wing forward Song Min-gyu scored the winning goal. Song Min-gyu, who received the ball with his chest from the left side of the opponent’s dangerous area, knocked out two opposing defenders at once with a momentary action and shook the net with a right-footed shot.

This season, Jeonbuk players suffered extreme stress due to poor performance. Last year, I played 38 games and lost 7, but this season, I lost 4 early in 8 games. After the game, the bus carrying the players was blocked by fans. Ahead of the game against Jeju, Jeonbuk players voluntarily practiced at a training camp and made a commitment to planting.

Song Min-kyu’s goal, which saved Jeonbuk from the edge of a cliff, was also a goal that heralded his revival. Song Min-gyu was selected for the national team in 2021 as a member of the Pohang Steelers, scoring 7 goals in 16 games. During the season, he was called up by Jeonbuk and changed into a green uniform. Contrary to his expectations, his performance after joining Jeonbuk was not good. He only added 3 goals in 17 games in 2021, and only 3 goals in 22 games last year. This season, the sluggishness continued, such as making a pass mistake that provided an excuse for conceding in the previous match against Suwon FC (0-1 loss). The score against Jeju was Song Min-gyu’s second goal this season and the score that revealed Jeonbuk’s possibility of a revival.

The previous day’s K-League Super Match between FC Seoul and Suwon Samsung ended with the home team Seoul winning 3-1. Suwon sacked coach Lee Byeong-geun and entrusted the baton to acting manager Choi Seong-yong,스포츠토토 but the sluggish streak with no wins (2 draws and 6 losses) could not be broken. The East Coast derby between Ulsan and Pohang ended in a 2-2 draw.

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