Strong rain accompanied by ‘gusts, thunder and lightning’ across the country…’Water bombs’ of up to 100 mm or more

Today (10th), strong rain accompanied by gusts, thunder and lightning will fall in most areas of the country.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the expected precipitation on this day is more than 100 mm in the southern Gyeonggi, Yeongseo, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Jeolla, and Northwest Gyeongsangbuk-do. It will rain 20 to 80 mm in the central region메이저놀이터 (excluding Yeongdong, Gangwon), Gyeongbuk, Jeju, etc., and 5 to 60 mm in the other Gyeongsang regions and 5 islands in the West Sea.

In the central region and the interior of northern Gyeongsangbuk-do in the Jeolla region, there may be places where very strong rain of 30 to 60 mm per hour accompanied by gusts and thunderstorms may fall.

There are places where hail falls in some areas, so you need to be careful about managing facilities such as crops.

Expected daytime highs range from 26 to 33 degrees. By major cities, Seoul is 29 degrees, Incheon 28 degrees, Chuncheon 29 degrees, Gangneung 32 degrees, Daejeon 29 degrees, Daegu 33 degrees, Jeonju 30 degrees, Gwangju 30 degrees, Busan 28 degrees, and Jeju 33 degrees.

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