‘Submission of medical certificate’ Laguna, notice of absence from Korea-Japan evaluation match… Preparing for Hangzhou AG with Oh Se-geun and Kim Seon-hyung

Laguna seems to be hard to see in the Korea-Japan evaluation match.

On July 22 and 23, the Korean men’s national basketball team will play two evaluation matches against their “rival” Japan at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium. It is the first Korea-Japan evaluation match to be held in five years since 2018.

Head coach Choo Il-seung and the players recently conducted a preliminary call-up and condition check. On the 21st, with the entrance to the Jincheon National Training Center ahead, coach Choo had to hear the sad news. Laguna submitted a medical certificate.

Director Chu said in a phone interview with MK Sports, “(La) Geon-ah submitted a medical certificate. He said that because of his bad knee, he would not be able to play in the Korea-Japan match. He said he would give it time because he said he would fit in the Asian Games.”

In the Korea-Japan match, there is a high possibility that the national team’s best power will not be able to play. Kim Seon-hyung and Oh Se-geun are planning to improve their condition in line with the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, and Lee Jung-hyun must compete in the Universiade. Here, Laguna can not run, so there is not a small amount of power leakage.

In addition, director Chu is deeply troubled. He must submit the Asian Games 12-man list to the Korean Sports Association by the 29th, and submit the final list to the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee on July 15th.

I tried to test the young players as much as possible, but it is a situation where the final list of Hangzhou Asian Games must be confirmed before the Korea-Japan evaluation match. In fact, it is correct to assume that the list submitted to the Korea Sports Council on the 29th is the final version. Substituting players after that requires complicated procedures.안전놀이터

Lee Hyun-joong and Yeo Jun-seok are still unclear. He has expressed his intention that joining the national team will not be easy. Director Chu also expressed a cautious stance, saying, “Everything is unclear in the current situation.”

Of course, before the Korea-Japan evaluation, new players can be selected from the reserve list and given opportunities to participate. However, Coach Chu has a strong will to confirm the potential of new players. He said, “We can add several players, including Choi Jun-yong. It doesn’t eliminate that possibility entirely. But I think he didn’t prove it because he didn’t play at the end of the season. I want to check the skills of young players according to the purpose, just like when I first selected them. I already know all the skills of Choi Jun-yong and other players.”

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