Sumire reports first win in two matches

2023 NH Nonghyup Bank Women’s Baduk League 2R 3G
Suncheon Bay National Garden, 3-0 victory over Bukwang Pharmaceutical

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) Sumire Nakamura, 3rd Dan스포츠토토, who debuted on the Korean stage, reported her first victory in two games. Sumire 3rd dan defeated Heo Seo-hyun 3rd dan in the 2nd round of the 2023 NH Nonghyup Bank Women’s Baduk League held at the Go TV studio on the evening of the 15th.

Heo Seo-hyun, 3rd Dan, is ranked 9th in the Korean Women’s Ranking, and is a strong player who has been active as the No. 1 in Bukwang Pharmaceutical for three years. In the first meeting, Sumire’s 3rd team took advantage in the middle battle of the riverside without a major crisis.

Sumire Nakamura, 3rd dan, is the best prospect who is changing several records, including the youngest to join the Japanese Go world (10 years old) and the youngest to win a title (15 years and 9 months). Before joining her, she came to Korea and studied baduk for about two years.

Sumire, who has both skills and star qualities, was recruited as a foreign player by coach Lee Sang-heon of the Suncheonman Bay National Garden. In the first round last week, Da-yeong Kim made a rough debut, but in the second match, she won her first victory in a stable manner.

This year, Sumire 3rd dan was also called up to the Chinese Women’s Gap League, and has recorded 1 win and 3 losses so far. Although he is young, he is active in Korea, China and Japan.

During the interview, he expressed his impressions in Korean, saying, “It was a difficult game, but the content seemed to be good.” Regarding the number of goals for the season, he replied, “I want to play better Go than grades.”

In the team match, Suncheonman Bay National Garden defeated Bukwang Pharm 3-0. 3rd pick Lee Do-hyeon, 3rd dan, took the lead from 2nd pick, Jeong Yu-jin, 3rd dan, and 1st pick, Oh Yu-jin, 9th dan, took the winning point from 3rd pick, Kim Sang-in, 3rd dan, confirming the team’s victory early on.

In the regular season, in which eight teams compete in a double league to select four teams to advance to the postseason, Boryeong Mud and POSCO Future M will face each other in the second round of four games on the 16th. The individual matchups are Ko Miso-Park Tae-hee (0:0), Choi Jeong-Kyung-eun Kim (3:0), Park So-yul-Kim Hye-min (1:6, opponents in parentheses).

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