‘Super Sonic’ Lee Jae-do, will he lead the peregrine falcon?

The Changwon LG Sakers cannot be left out of this season’s “Best Team”. In the previous three seasons, he had a weak image, such as failing to advance to the playoffs in succession, but broke the expectation that this season would also be difficult, and at the end of the season, he is currently ranked second with Seoul SK (0.660 win rate) in the regular league leaderboard.

In the case of SK and KGC, which are competing for the lead, they are strong players who advanced to the finals last season. On the other hand, LG did not receive high expectations, so it would not be unreasonable to say that it was the best underdog rebellion this season. Like most of the best teams, there are not one or two contributors to LG’s rise. Many factors such as the leadership of former national team coach Jo Sang-hyeon Kim Dok, the thick player base that has been steadily built up, the revival of offensive big man Kim Jun-il, and foreign players Asem Marey (30 206 cm) and Dante Cunningham (35 203 cm) who do their part, all worked positively.

In addition to that, the presence of field commander ‘Super Sonic’ Lee Jae-do (31‧179cm) is also a check point. So far, he has averaged 13.53 points, 4.19 assists, 3.70 rebounds and 0.98 steals in 53 games.

Above all, from the 2014-15 season to the present, it shows steel stamina and tenacity that have never been missed in the regular league, and is satisfying the team in terms of cost-effectiveness. Lee Jae-do is a typical dual guard capable of both 1 and 2. As his point guard, he is unsatisfactory in terms of vision, game management, and size to see him as a shooting guard, but he has established himself as the number 1 offensive type by making good use of his own strengths.

There are active breakthroughs and accurate shooting skills as a way for small players who are not competitive in passing ability and game management to survive in a league with large players. In a word, it has to be enough to shake the opponent’s defense inside and outside to expect potential as a starter, and Lee Jae-do has properly equipped that part.

Basically, he has fast feet, so he is good at maneuverable play, and he is also good at instant acceleration, so if he sees the slightest gap, he strikes like a thunderbolt and succeeds in breaking through. Even if a big man blocks his way, he has the elasticity and guts to jump up and boldly attempt an attack. In addition to breakthrough and 3-point shooting, he is also good at mid-range, so he can attack in all weathers regardless of distance.

As the years have accumulated, he has opened his eyes to play using the screen and is using it appropriately in various situations. It is still pointed out that it is regrettable in the part of coordinating the entire game, but when the defense is crowded to yourself, it is not bad to poke a pass at an empty space colleague. Like most successful Duel Guards, it can be said that it is a case that covers up the disadvantages with its own strengths.

In fact, not many people expected Lee Jae-do to grow to this extent. He was the 5th pick in the 1st round of the 2013 draft. Although he was not a low rank, he was not a very welcome position, as can be seen from the expression of Busan kt coach Jeon Chang-jin, who nominated him at the time and made a bitter expression. At the time, interest in the ‘Kyunghee University Big 3 (Kim Jong-gyu, Kim Min-gu, Doo Kyung-min)’ was hot.

In particular, Kim Jong-kyu and Kim Min-goo were evaluated as great players of all time, enough to draw attention as the next-generation national one-two punch. KT was also one of the teams with high expectations for the rookie draft, as it had a strong will to reorganize the team while receiving suspicions of tanking in the previous season. However, while taking the 5th pick, he missed not only Kyunghee University’s Big 3, but also Park Jae-hyun, who gained fame as a field commander at Korea University.

Apart from Lee Jae-do’s good performance on the college stage, this is the reason why the former coach openly expressed regret. In addition, the fans also didn’t expect Lee Jae-do to be one of the league’s representative guards, even if they didn’t know Park Jae-hyun. However, Lee Jae-do averaged only 2.1 points in his rookie season, when he did not receive many opportunities, but showed potential with 8.5 points the following year, and after that, he scored double-digit points from time to time and took his place as an offensive dual guard representing the league.

So far, the career average score is also maintained in double digits (10.7 points). Other records aren’t bad either. 3.1 rebounds are quite high as a single guard, and 4.3 assists and 1.3 steals show unrelenting performance every season. He boasts a lot of playing time, reaching 28 minutes and 30 seconds in his career, so if he continues his current pace, he is expected to occupy a significant position in cumulative records by the time he retires.

Of course, consistency is good, but impact is also important to become a star player who will go down in history. In that sense, now is an opportunity for Lee Jae-do. Currently, his team,온라인바카라 LG, has succeeded in becoming a popular team amid high interest from local residents, but unfortunately has never won the championship match. If Lee Jae-do can stand at the forefront and lead the championship as a shock leader, his name will be recorded in the history of the Peregrine Falcon as an unforgettable hero of Changwon. This is why Lee Jae-do in the playoffs is expected more.

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