“Take a shower, put on clean clothes, and cover up your tattoos”… The ‘tactic’ of the 25 billion charter fraud

From ‘tattoo’ to ‘successful reward’… what is this conversation like an order from a ‘gangster’? Mr. A is a real estate consulting representative. Mr. B and others who receive the instructions are real estate ‘pants holders’.

Before meeting the tenants who are ‘prey’, the representative ‘inspects’ the dressing of the pants holder one by one.

They cover the tattoos on their arms so that tenants can trust them to sign contracts, and they pay special attention to their clothes and speech. He even took the pants holders to a motel to get them cleaned.

25.3 billion won in jeonse deposit alone was defrauded from tenants by putting forward the owners of pants pretending to be ‘fair salespeople’.

It was the price that 111 per person, including Mr. A in his 40s, the representative of a real estate consulting company, brought blood to tears in the eyes of tenants through the ‘no-capital gap investment’ method for 2 years.

■Concentrated acquisition of villas built using falling real estate sales prices

The Violent Crime Investigation Unit of the Northern Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency sent 111 people, including 44-year-old A, the representative of a real estate consulting company, to the prosecution on charges of fraud and violation of the Licensed Brokerage Act today (2nd).

According to the police, these gangs took advantage of the recent drop in real estate prices to jump into ‘cheap fraud’.

They intensively purchased 126 villas in the metropolitan area,메이저놀이터 including Paju, Gyeonggi and Ilsan, Goyang, by putting people without financial power as false buyers for two years from 2021.

■“I was deceived by the good looks”… Tenants with open eyes and cut noses

There was a clever trick of the charter scammers behind the money that was collected and handed over with confidence, even though there were no tenants.

Mr. A and others recruited brokers, sellers, pants renters, and tenant recruiters through SNS or acquaintances, and moved systematically, such as sharing roles.

In particular, in order to gain the trust of the tenants, we have gone through a difficult process of disguising the landlords as sound rental operators or investors. Before the contract, we made a detailed plan, such as taking the renter of the pants to a motel and giving him injection training.

When a false charter contract was concluded with the tenants, an allowance of 500,000 won per case was put into their hands.

■ ‘Homeless Youth Jeonse Loan’ Derived Crime One after another

Their crimes did not stop at charter fraud. 17 of the pants renters even received a ‘homeless youth charter loan’ from a financial institution based on the false global contract. It was revealed as a result of the police investigation that he borrowed up to 300 million won.

It is an abuse of the government’s low-interest loan system for young people who are having a hard time raising house prices.

The police arrested and sent eight people who received homeless youth loans on charges of fraud. However, for Mr. A, the main culprit, the court rejected the issuance of the warrant.

The police believe that there may be female crimes and plan to continue further investigations into them.

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