Teachers “Ho-min Joo, special teacher report is a typical case of pressure and retaliation”

Controversy is spreading as webtoon writer Joo Ho-min reports a special class teacher who was in charge of his son and wages a legal battle. Fellow teachers pointed out that Joo took some of the teacher’s recorded remarks and took them to court as a typical case of pressure and retaliation.

On the 28th, a number of posts criticizing the Joo couple for reporting their son’s special class teacher for child abuse were posted on the teacher’s online community. Fellow teachers are responding that Joo responded inappropriately to this issue, and as the controversy grew, it was difficult to understand the position statement announced on his Instagram on the 27th.

Mr. A, who introduced himself as an elementary school teacher and a teacher majoring in special education at a graduate school, pointed out various questions related to the entrance statement by commenting directly on Mr. Joo’s Instagram.

Mr. A said, “Have you checked with the homeroom teacher and special education teacher (before sending the tape recorder)?” If there is, the student belongs to two classes, one for general and one for special classes, so there are two homeroom teachers.” Previously, Mr. Joo said, “It was impossible to communicate accurately due to the nature of children with developmental disabilities in the second grade of elementary school, so confirmation was necessary.”

Then, Mr. A asked if he had tried to talk with the teachers and the school, saying, “I would have been able to figure out the problem of the child’s school life even if I had asked for counseling over the phone, but I wonder if both teachers refused to consult.”

There was also a question about the part where Mr. Joo said, “Listening to the recording, there was a situation that was difficult to see as discipline, and I consulted with 5 lawyers for an objective judgment.” Mr. A added, “I wonder if the fact that I was dissatisfied with the teacher’s educational activities at school and sought advice from a lawyer who did not know well about my child’s school life was a situation in which I was trying to retaliate through legal issues from the beginning.” .

If you recognize that there is a problem in school life, the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the situation through teachers and schools. Skipping this process, recording some of the remarks with a tape recorder and receiving legal advice led to a report of child abuse. seems to be far away.

At the same time, Mr. A also gave a critical opinion to Mr. Joo’s comment that “the sudden behavior occurred in a general class, not a special class, and it is problematic that the special teacher made an inappropriate point about it.”

Mr. A said, “Is it wrong even if I disciplined something that did not happen in the special class properly, or is it an inappropriate pointing out?” If you discipline them with strong restraint, is it a problem even if you discipline them appropriately?”

At the time, Mr. A was unable to move to a general class due메이저놀이터 to sudden actions such as Joo’s son exposing his genitals by lowering his pants in an integrated class (class with regular students).

In addition, Mr. A pointed out that in the report submitted by the special education teacher who was reported, “a student who suffered damage such as mental shock due to the actions of Mr. pointed out that this is more difficult to understand.

Mr. A wrote, “(The victim’s side) still forgave (Joo’s son), but I wonder if Mr. Joo had to report the police to the special education teacher with 5 lawyers.”

Lastly, he said, “I am sorry that I have caused trouble to other special class parents due to the suspension of the teacher’s duties, but I wonder what the homeroom teacher, the children in the class, and the special teacher who has taught special class children are feeling.” left

Another teacher B, who shared the post, said, “When a problem occurs in school, such as school violence, the perpetrator side removes the teacher by reporting child abuse and then incapacitates him from further intervening in the matter. It is being repeated,” he appealed, saying, “Teachers collapse today in front of this reality.”

Mr. C, who is working as a special education teacher, said, “Special teachers are those who correct the problematic behaviors of children with disabilities and educate and help them to walk together as members of our society.” When this happens, the space for the child to stand will be further reduced. However, if the teacher’s normal educational activities are driven into abuse, I hope that the child will suffer the most damage in the end.”

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