Ten Haha, is this enough?… ‘Achieving the treble’ Sir Ferguson summons “There are similarities→Man Utd must take over for a long time”

 The legend of Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Man United) compared the former and current manager of Manchester United, emphasized that there are similarities, and supported the long-term system of current manager Eric ten Hag (53).

Striker Mark Hughes (59),스포츠토토 who was responsible for Manchester United’s attack in the past, said in an interview with the British media ‘Mirror’, “Despite the future uncertainty, Ten Hagh will lead the future of Manchester United.” ”he said.

Ten Haag, who took over the Manchester United baton ahead of this season, will carry out his managerial duties until June 2025.

Man United in the Ten Hag system lifted the trophy for the first time in six years in February. won the Carabao Cup. 

In addition, Manchester United have settled in the quarterfinals of the Europa League this season, and are also marking third place in the English Premier League. The difference in points (as of the 2nd) with Man City in second place reaches 14 points, but compared to last season in 6th place, it is cruising. It is possible to analyze that the ten hah system is leading man utd stably and well. 

Hughes, who entered the professional through Manchester United in 1980, has been active for about six years. He appeared in 89 career matches and scored 37 goals. Recognized for his scoring sense, he moved to Barcelona in 1986 and worked for two seasons. He returned to Manchester United in 1988 and played for seven years. After that, he went through Chelsea ~ Southampton ~ Everton. 

Hughes is arguing that Manchester United should maintain the ten hag system for a long time. 

He said, “Ten Hag stabilized Manchester United, which was shaking. It also seems to have instilled (beneficial) discipline throughout the club. There is something I felt while playing under Sir Ferguson. He had very strong discipline and standards of conduct. Ten Hagh seems to have the same temperament. He seems like a very straightforward and structured person,” he said.

Sir Ferguson, who led Manchester United from 1986 to 2013, lifted a whopping 38 trophies. He has won 13 English Premier League titles, 5 FA Cup titles and 2 UEFA Champions League titles.

In particular, in the 1998-1999 season, they achieved the first treble (League + Cup + Champions League) in English club history. 

Comparing Lord Ferguson and Ten Haag, who have achieved a ‘great job’, Hughes said he should entrust the future of Manchester United to Ten Haag. 

Hughes said: “Last season (not led by Ten Hag), Manchester United only collected 58 points from 38 league games, the lowest Premier League points ever for the club. But within a year, United (at the top of the table) has become a completely different team. competing for the championship. Ten Haag is once again making United a top-notch team.” 

Meanwhile, Britain’s ‘The Sun’ predicted that “Man United will sign a five-year contract extension with manager Ten Haag this coming summer.” 

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